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Key Features To Look For While Choosing A Preschool

what to look for in a preschool

In the first few years of life, our learning capacity is at its peak. Babies have an enormous capacity to learn using all their senses. In fact, 80% of their brain development occurs by the age of 3. This learning capacity starts to slow down after the age of 4. Hence, it is important for parents to ensure that their child is getting the best possible learning experience during the preschool age (2-5 years).

With a countless number of responsibilities, there is a tremendous pressure on parents to choose the best preschool for their children to ensure a happy and bright future. But there are a few glitches in the selection process due to not knowing what to look for. So, let us try to learn what qualities make a preschool perfect for your child.

There a few hallmarks for choosing high-class, quality preschool which also happens to meet your convenience. What are those? How to select the best preschool for your child? Here is the answer:

preschool features

The first six years are crucial in the brain development of the children. The more you stimulate the little minds, the more they flourish. It is possible only when the school can provide a personalized learning experience and age-appropriate activities that inculcates positive self-image in children while celebrating the individuality and the uniqueness of each child. The curriculum should have lesson plans with clear outcomes and learning aids for the preschoolers. Multiple intelligence, inquiry-based learning and experiential learning are the elements of such a curriculum.


Various types of facilities are mandatory to have a comfortable time at school for your child. A few of those might be age appropriate furniture, clean washroom, lead-free toys, learning aids, large play areas, freshly prepared meals educational and fun learning centres, transport facility, library, realtime CCTV access and trained nursing staff.

principle about inquiry learning

If a plan is in place, everything is good! Check with the director of school about the emergency plans. Also, take a tour around when you visit the school and analyze the infrastructure, availability of safety kit and first aid. Your keen observation when you are in the school could reveal a lot. Additionally, if CCTV with live streaming is available, that would be an added bonus for parents. It helps the parents to know what their child is doing when they are at work.


A good teacher brings out the best in children. Consider how the faculty interact with your child. Ensure the staff are friendly with the children while helping out your child in all the ways needed. Check if the teacher to student ratio is high enough to run the school effectively. Observe and learn when you take a tour inside the school. When you are touring the school, you would most certainly get an idea about the interaction between the staff and children. When teachers are friendly, there would be more smiles and laughter.

Clean and Hygienic Environment:
preschool classroom KLAY

Cleanliness and hygiene are important factors to consider when choosing a preschool. Inquire about how often the toys and classrooms are cleaned. Inspect the bathrooms to see if they are kept clean. Ask about how often they call for deep cleaning activities. The cafeteria and diaper changing areas should also be closely inspected before making a decision on this. Also, inquire about the steps they would take when a child is unwell. Ensure cleanliness is instilled in the school and also that the staff of the school are striving to instill the same values in your child as well. After all, hygienic and healthy child is a happy and bright child!

Transparency In Communication:

As important as it is to ensure that the faculty of the school communicate freely with your child, it is also important to communicate clearly with the family of the child. Transparency is utmost important. Conveying the daily updates about the child, activities conducted at school and how the child is responding to those activities - these would build a strong understanding between the school management and parents and help the parents to confide in the school and be at peace when they are at work.


Is the preschool near to your home or office? Is it easily accessible and commutable? This is an important factor to consider before finalizing your child’s preschool. But all of the above qualities should check off too.

Preschools lay a foundation for your child’s future. Provide the best learning experience to your child by considering all the above points for a strong foundation. KLAY Preschools And Daycare have all of the above features and more. So, if you are looking for the perfect preschool for your child, this is the one. Get your child enrolled at KLAY today.

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