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Keeping Your Child’s Imagination Alive: What You Can Do

“Every child is born blessed with a vivid imagination.” These words were said by Walt Disney once upon a time and they are true when it comes to your child too.

Don’t you think so too? Your child can travel through a forest, or be a superhero, all while sitting in their own room. This is because of their vivid imagination. A child’s imagination has no limits and it’s important to keep that imagination alive as it is great for the developing mind.

Here’s how you can keep their imagination alive:

1. Tell Them Stories

Telling your child a story is a great way to make them imagine. Be descriptive when you tell them stories - or try using a picture book. Showing your child a picture book while narrating the story helps entertain them, while also building a good habit that will keep their minds active and their creativity alive.

2. Keep It Colourful

Let your child experiment with colours. Picking out the clothes they wear, or trying new colours in a colouring book may help. Let them colour the grass with blue, or the sun with purple if they want to - it only encourages them to imagine.

3. Let Them Try New Tools

Painting with your child? Why use a paintbrush? Finger painting, printing your hand on the paper or using fruits or vegetables to print a pattern are some fun ways your child can put their imagination to the test.

This children’s day, Citroën, a renowned automobile company, is running a contest that tries to show how creative and imaginative your child can be. The contest is a way to Unlock Your Child’s Inner Da Vinci - Da Vinci was a renowned artist, known for the famous artwork we know today as Mona Lisa. Your child can recreate the Citroën logo however they want - what does your child see in the logo? An arrow? A boat? The top of a house?

Your child’s imagination will surprise you. And that’s what is happening right now. Moms across India have started participating in the contest with their kids’ entries. After all, a child’s imagination and creativity are a mom’s biggest pride! The entries show that there is, in fact, an artist inside every child.

Here are a few of the cutest entries:

We know your child also has an artist in them - so don’t miss out! Take part in the contest and encourage your child to use their imagination. You too can take part in it! Ask your child to recreate the logo and post a picture, with the hashtags #InspiredByChildren and #CitroenInIndia, and stand a chance to win! So check out the contest on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and join in the fun now!

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