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On a daily basis, a human body requires a multitude of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to keep the body functioning. And these nutrients either get used up or are sent out of the body. This means that we need to keep replenishing them every day in order to keep up our energy. Another part of overall nutrition is micronutrients. These micronutrients are the elements present in us in trace amounts and yet are essential for the overall functioning of the human body. One such prominent micronutrient deficiency is the iron deficiency that around 55% women and 25% men suffer from in India.

The times have changed and with these changing times, our nutrition and eating habits have changed as well. Yes, we try to intake proper and healthy food every chance we get but still, due to a significant lack of time, this healthy food is unable to provide all the nutrition that our body needs. As a result, you might still have a nutrient deficiency even after following a proper diet plan.

And so, to discuss this issue various moms who themselves are influencers amongst the mom community were invited to be a part of the Mom Bloggers Meet conducted by us in association with Tropicana Essentials. In this meet, moms asked various questions about nutrition and diet not only as bloggers but as mothers as well. Where, in the presence of 3 prominent experts Dr. Manjari Chandra, a prominent nutritionist; Dr. Sheela Krishnaswamy, a prominent dietician; and Ankita Marwah, Associate Director- Nutrition Science, Pepsico, we had a discussion on the various types of nutrients required by our body, how their lack can affect us and how to get them in these modern times.

Due to a lack of these nutrients and micronutrients, our body starts reacting in order to conserve as much energy as it can. And the symptoms that follow are laziness, tiredness etc. So, the best way we have, to get sufficient nutrition is to make these nutrients fast-paced in a way that they can be absorbed properly by the body.

As moms, you know that it’s challenging to make sure that your little one eats their fruits and veggies properly. Moms, just like you have had to run after their children since times immemorial to somehow make them eat their veggies and fruits. During the event, one mom even mentioned that sometimes she has to bribe her son with different things in order to make him eat properly. And even then, children being their own innocent self, have very interesting and weird excuses to avoid eating all the fruits and vegetables they need. During the event, one mom stated that her daughter feels like a cow while eating all these plants and chewing them again and again.

Haven’t you often wished that there was some solution to all your troubles which could provide the same nutrition without all the hard work involved? Well, we have found the perfect thing for you that is a wonder of human thinking- Tropicana Essentials. With the awesome taste that you get, not only do they have all of the nutrients of raw fruits and vegetables but you can even consume it anytime and anywhere.

But, it is important that we do not make the mistake of considering these juices as an alternative to regular food. Instead, we need to take these juices as a part of our daily nutrition. Only then will they be able to effectively and efficiently provide us with the proper nutrition. 

Keeping in mind all the nutritional problems that we have been facing, Tropicana recently launched Tropicana Essentials, under which there are two variations namely- Iron essentials and Fruits & Veggies. The Iron essentials juice consists of Apple, Carrot, Pineapple, Banana, Orange and Mango. One serving of this juice is capable of providing you with the same amount of iron you get from 100g of spinach. The Fruits & Veggies juice, on the other hand, consists of Apple, Beetroot and Carrot. This juice helps make up for the average deficiency of 1.5 servings of fruits and veggies that we have in our daily diet.

With all these benefits of both the juices we have started taking our dose of daily nutrition through Tropicana Essentials, when are you starting?

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