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Keeping The Nutrient Intake Of Your Child On Point During This Summer Break

Summertime is a crucial period that attracts most moms’ concern regarding the their kids’ growth and nutrition intake as the regular routine is often disturbed as soon as schools declare their summer break. Children indulge themselves actively in various physical activities, outdoor sports etc. during their summer break, which is why focusing on a balanced and nutritious diet that supports their growth and developmental needs is highly important.

Recently we were invited to an event organised by Abbott Nutrition, to spread awareness about the role of optimum nutrition in the overall growth of children. The focus of the event was mainly to highlight the importance of optimum nutrition in the formative years in children ranging from two to six years. During summertime, which is a good #timetogrow for children, while they are excited about spending the holidays in the most playful way possible, parents on the other hand are often worried about how they can make sure their kids don’t miss out on any essential nutrients due to the disrupted eating schedule.

This age range is specifically important as their bodies go through extensive neuron expansion, rapid growth and development of organs. Also, the development of cognitive, motor, emotional and social skills in children mostly occurs in these initial years. So make sure your child is not missing out on any important nutrients during this summer break by incorporating healthier options with the right blend of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals etc. into their everyday menu.

Paediatricians recommend blending the essential nutrients into foods that your child loves to eat, so that he enjoys the food for its taste while you can make sure his nutrition intake is on point. The recently launched a new flavour of Abbott’s PediaSure which now comes with a delicious twist of Cookies & Cream, not only offers the healthy nutrition your child needs but also satisfies your child’s taste buds. Honestly, who doesn’t love yummy cookies and cream? Plus, it is packed with 37 vital nutrients, which supports the growing height, weight and energy requirements of children who are 2-years old and above.

At the event, we talked personally to the celebrity guests, Actress and a mom Lara Dutta and her husband, Mahesh Bhupathi who shared their personal experience of raising their 6-year old daughter. As a mother, she mentioned about her constant worries regarding the nutrition intake of her child who has very strong taste preferences and how she is on the constant look-out for food options that are not just healthy and packed with nutrients but are also tasty.

The expert panel included Dr. Indu Khosla (practicing paediatrician at Cloudnine Hospital), and Dr. Eileen Canday (HOD Nutrition and Dietetic Department, Sri H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital). They stressed on the importance of optimum nutrition and physical activities during the summertime and suggested that mothers try their best to limit the screen times (i.e., TV, mobiles and laptops) for children and involve them in fun activities and sports.

The famous child chef and the youngest YouTube entrepreneur of India, Nihal a.k.a Kicha showed how PediaSure Cookies & Cream can be made even more fun by mixing with milk, yogurt, pistachio, vanilla etc. There was also an adorable dance performance by kids which stole the hearts of everyone in the audience.

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