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Keep Your Child Protected From These 5 Summer Illnesses

During the summer your child's body has to get accustomed to the harsh heat after the chilly winters. This makes it extremely vulnerable for them to catch common summer illnesses. These illnesses can be prevented and easily treated with simple measures. The most essential part of preventing any such illnesses is to keep your child hydrated with water and a variety of healthy juices.

These are a few illnesses that your child could be prone to during the summer:

1. Summer stroke

The summer sun is extremely harsh on your child and can easily cause a heat stroke. Ensure that your child is shielded from the suns rays in any form. Make sure that playtime is kept purely for evenings. Cover your child’s head and body in full sleeved clothes to avoid any chance of a sun stroke.

2. Hay fever

Hay fever is an extremely common illness that kids tend to pick up quite easily. The symptoms involve cold and cough. It is very similar to a normal fever, but the only difference is the source. Summer heat tends to weaken the body to an extent that it is prone to any sort of illness. Ensure that your child is well hydrated. While your child goes out to play make sure that they are well sanitized. Also, make your child has daily baths. Your child must wash their hand before and after every meal.

3. Eczema

Summer is a dry season that demands excessive moisturizing. In case your child already has eczema, you need to take special care of that part of their body. Moisturize your child's body after every bath, using baby oils and moisturizers for delicate skin. This is sure to prevent from dry skin.

4. Food poisoning

This is another common illness that children tend to pick up. The important fact that needs to be taken into consideration is that food has a tendency of spoiling much faster in the summer. Keep your children away from eating leftovers or food items that have been kept out for a while. Make food that is recyclable and has a less likelihood of getting spoilt.

5. Heat rash

Heat rashes are a direct result of the your child's skin being exposed to the harsh UV-rays of the sun. Use children friendly sunscreens readily available in stores. Apply it liberally on your child's skin in order to avoid irritation and rashes that might turn up. Ensure that your child washes up well after sweating because it is one of the main causes for the rash.  

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