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Keep These Things In Mind Next Time You Powder Your Baby

With the increase in the temperature, the summer season seems like it is almost here. Summer is that one season which leaves us all feeling bittersweet because it is the season of the King of Fruits- mango and it gives rise to discomfort as we sweat a LOT!!

Moreover, it causes a lot of trouble for the little ones as they find it difficult to adapt to the climate changes. Since they cannot express how they feel through words, they cry and scream. In such a situation, soothe the baby by applying baby powder and keeping their skin free of excessive moisture as it may lead to rashes. It is true that doing so, gives them a relief from itching and burning sensation, but it is very important to keep some things in mind while using baby powder. 

1. If you are applying powder on your baby, keep in mind that you do not have too much powder on the puff nor should you apply it frequently because doing this may cause your baby to have difficulty in breathing. Very often it so happens that the baby powder’s particles go into the child's nose and mouth, which cause breathing problems.

2. Applying excessive powder can also cause problems in the baby's lungs as it may cause allergies to your baby due to its fragrance. Prolonged exposure to baby powder can cause respiratory problems as the baby’s immune system is still weak.

3. The longer the powder is kept on the baby, the higher is the chance of contracting a skin allergy because if it is used for a long period of time and then sweating begins. It may cause a reaction on your baby’s skin and cause side effects.

How to find the PERFECT baby powder?

Before always applying powder on your baby, ensure that you should not pour the powder on the body directly from the bottle, use the powder puff, because, the powder more evenly applied on your baby. Before putting the powder on the child, go to the little distance from the infant and put the powder first in your hand and take it in your hand and then put it on the baby's body.

Keep these things in mind too

- Never put the baby powder on the wet skin immediately after bathing. Always clean the infant, with a clean towel and only then put powder. Applying powder on wet skin can freeze the powder on the body of the baby and it can also increase the dirt, which can lead to allergy or infection. 

- Do not place any powder in the baby's private parts, because after this, your baby may also be at risk of cancer.

- Very often it happens that when the child is crying, parents give them a powder box to distract their attention, which is absolutely wrong because, by doing so, the baby powder can enter the mouth and it also gives them infections and injuries. 

 - It is ok to put baby powder on the baby, but keep in mind these important things as the safety of your baby lies in your hands. 

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