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Couples might be under the impression that pregnancy is a romantic period, but it is far from romantic. With hormones wreaking havoc in the woman’s body and the preparation for the arrival of a new member of the household, causing anxiety, it can become difficult to concentrate on your relationship. Relationships require effort and both of you need to do your needful to make sure that you keep the spark alive when pregnant.

Even though you may feel like the pregnancy is the biggest thing in your lives at the moment, do not let it overtake your complete being. It is important for you to remember your partner in the midst of everything and show equal love and care for them as you do for your unborn baby.

Here are a few ways in which you can keep the spark alive:

1. Schedule date nights

Work and pregnancy can be hectic to manage. In such circumstances, you need to make special time for one another even if isn’t a lot to start with. More often than not, quality time counts more than quantity. Draw up a routine or select a fixed day in the week when you can go on a date. Make sure that you do not bail out on this day or procrastinate. Follow it through and you’ll see the outcome.

2. Be spontaneous

Don’t shy away from opportunities to show some love to your partner. Buy them a card you liked in a gift shop or give them a hug, once in a while. Also, talk to your doctor and figure out the time period for which it is safe to have sex and the precautions you ought to take while performing the act. Compliment your partner for little things and watch their face bloom with pleasure.

3. Take a babymoon

Although doctors do not permit the mother to travel during the later months of pregnancy, it is completely safe to do so in the initial period. Take a small vacation with your partner while you still have the time. After the baby arrives, you may or may not get to spend a lot of alone time with your partner; much less go for trips, so now is the time. Consider this as your pre-baby honeymoon.

4. Talk

As mentioned before, quality matter more than quantity. Communication is the key to any successful relationship. Don’t just talk to your partner about household chores and tasks. Sit with them at the end of the day and ask them how their day was or how they’ve been doing. These might seem like simple questions, but they make a huge difference. If you are at work, rather than texting, call each other and have a brief chat to talk about everyday things.

5. Be patient with one another

Pregnancy can be extremely stressful, especially for the mother. In such times, if your partner is losing their cool, you ought to maintain yours and pacify them. No matter how hard a time you are having at work, if your partner is upset, try to empathize with them instead of getting angry and defensive. Remember, at the end of the day, you both love each other.

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