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Kajol Says: I Learn a Lot From My Kids


Children are a precious part of our life. Their presence is extremely invaluable. White parents are important teachers - kids are equally important teachers in your life. How one looks at the world or behaves in the world is a great deal lot when it comes to kids. Read on to know what amazing things Kajol has to say about how her kids are her one-stop gurus!

Little einsteins

When someone asks what the child sees in the sky, you would be surprised what answers they have to give you. There is a whole bag of new, strong and creative views that children keep. They have what you call their very ‘own way’ of seeing the world. Kids can see a dolphin-like elephant that sings or even a walking french fries!

For children there is no grey, but rather a concept of black and white. If they are angry, they will strongly hold on to it. At the same time, they forgive very easily as well. There is no concept of grudges or he-said-she-said with children. The world is pretty straightforward in the eyes of a child.

Active imagination is  their second name

Popular celeb mom Kajol has recently interviewed with the Times of India about her experience of motherhood. She says that Nysa and Yug are the ultimate guides for her life. She is heard gushing about he little but important things her children teach her. Right from serious things about life to simple jokes - Kajol feels that she is put under a different viewing glass everytime she is with her children.

The article is short, but gives a detailed impression of how strong relationships keep a family happy as well as together. Most importantly, Kajol claims, being celebrity children - they are able to handle the pressure in the most easiest way possible.

What have your little tots taught you?! 

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