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Being a mother is the most difficult and challenging of jobs on the face of the earth. But ask any mother and she’ll tell you that everything is worth it. While the roles of mothers include a lot more than just multitasking and looking after their little ones, it is also the most rewarding experience. And experience has no substitute unless lived first hand.

We know that there is lack of sleep, lack of ‘me-time’, no vacations and almost no time to breathe sometimes. But when asked to share their experiences, most mothers agree that the job of being a mother also comes with numerous joys and fantastic benefits.

Here are a few of them:

1. Living your own childhood

Watching your helpless little ones crawl around the house reminds you of your own childhood stories. You don’t mind whether the walls of your house are painted by a professional painter or your own kids; most parent quite seems to prefer the latter. The pure joy you feel when your child calls you ‘mom’ or ‘dad’, for the very first time cannot be defined in words.

2. Therapy

Having kids in the household is so engaging that it takes your mind off of all your troubles. When you come back home from a tiring day at work, everything seems worth it when your children come to you to narrate the regular happenings of their day. Their smiles, giggles, light-heartedness make you realize that no problem in the world is too big to be tackled.

3. Finding purpose in life

Modern day life can be extremely demanding and exhaustive at the same time. More often than not, couples get so busy with their work lives that they hardly spend any time with one another. The arrival of a baby not only slows you down a little, but it also adds meaning to your relationships. Having kids in the house almost give you a purpose to wake up every single day and do the things which you otherwise didn’t quite care about.

4. Staying young and curious

Children are full of energy and numerous questions. They are curious about everything and keep you on your toes for quite a few years. Children not only pique your curiosity but also add on to the pool of your knowledge at times. Running around your kids not keeps you mentally alert, but it also keeps you physically active for the most part of the day.

5. Dealing with situations.

At times it so happens that our children face some difficult situations at school. They may not be extremely grave but while resolving them even we gain insights on how to deal with situations that may arise in our own lives. The joy of being a mother makes you feel better and helps you evolve as a person. It so happens that when you are full of energy and positivity, things around you automatically start seeming better and brighter.

The joys of being a mother are endless and no piece of paper can hold the exact words that describe the emotion, it can only be felt.

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