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It’s Time To Read The Fine Print On Your Babycare Products

johnson's baby products

Babies are tiny little delicate beings who depend on us for everything. This is why we try to be so careful with our little ones. You might think that if a product is labelled as a baby care product, it is safe for your baby. Unfortunately, that is not the case. You need to take a closer look at these baby products.

If a baby care product is labelled as ‘clinically tested’, it’s not enough. The product should be labelled ‘clinically proven’. This means that it has been tested and proven to be mild enough for babies. So make sure to read the labels carefully. Johnson’s products have been clinically proven to be mild for babies. The products underwent 8000 clinical trials and have been tested on 5.5 lakh volunteers globally. So you can be sure that these products are indeed safe for your little one.

johnson's baby proven mildness

Also, certain ingredients that are seemingly harmless to us adults can actually be harmful for our little ones. Let us take a look at a couple of highly debated ingredients used in baby products and discuss whether they are safe or unsafe for babies:

1. Parabens

Verdict: Most products use parabens as a preservative to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Parabens are known to mimic the properties of estrogen. Johnson’s products are free from all parabens so you can be sure that they are safe.

johnson's baby products

2. Dyes

Verdict: The heavy metals used in dyes are too harsh for little babies. Often, dyes are added to products like baby lotions and baby wash. It is always best to choose baby care products that are free from dyes. This is why you will find that the new Johnson’s products are free from dyes. Their formerly golden shampoo is now a clear, transparent shampoo. Their formerly pink baby lotion is now white. Hence the new Johnson’s baby care is visibly pure.

3. Sulphates

Verdict: Sulphates, especially Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), are harmful to babies. It is commonly used as an ingredient in most baby soaps, shampoos and detergents. One way to tell if a product contains SLS is by checking its foaming capacity. Foam free products usually do not contain SLS. Johnson’s baby bath products are free from SLS and SLES. This is why they don’t foam up as much as other products.

johnson's baby

4. Essential Oils

Verdict: While the current trend of using essential oils to treat our skin and hair problems may work perfectly well for grown-ups, it may not be safe for babies. They are usually added to give a natural fragrance to the product. Johnson’s does not use essential oils for fragrance. They have used other gentle fragrances which have been approved by the IFRA as they are free from allergens and safe for use on a baby’s skin.

While choosing baby products, ensure that the products contain no ingredients which can irritate or harm the baby’s skin. Choose the most gentle baby care for your baby’s delicate skin. Now that we’ve given you this guide, you know which ingredients to watch out for while making your choices. Make sure to only choose 100% gentle care.

johnson's baby products

The new Johnson’s baby care products are now free of all the above-mentioned chemicals. They have also been clinically proven to be safe for babies. The products are now made with safer alternatives based on the feedback given by scientists, doctors and moms like you so that your baby’s skin receives the most gentle care. In fact, even hospitals advise parents to use only Johnson’s products for their baby from day 1. To check out their range of baby care products, click here.

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