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It's Time To Get Your Kids To Lose Their Phones!


Children need all kinds of resources to learn and develop today. While technology is helpful with kids, too much of anything is not a good thing. Read on to know how your kids need to lose their phones once in a while! 

Active kids, healthy kids!

Do you remember how your friends and you used to love playing outside? How you used to wait for your homework to finish fast enough so that you can join a game of hopscotch? Enough studies have pointed out how physical activities aid in not only body but brain development like thought as well as emotions.

Many children today have a different addiction today. Instead of stepping outside the house, children want to continue watching media in the house. It is clear that activity is important for children to bloom and grow holistically. Thus, it has become important for you to ensure that your children get enough amount of physical exercise as well.

An Inspiring Example

In a recent article of The New Indian Express, a boring parking lot of the famous Fort Kochi was transformed to a physical disco!

All nostalgic memories of childhood were brought out by the members of World Resources Institute - India and students of KMEA College. There plan was rewriting the past with a Thanalkoottu i.e. a lively gathering. There were restrictions on cars and a more clean area for physical rejuvenation. This was the actual function of the Fort, but one that has faded away with modernity today. So, the Thanalkoottu had a very special meaning for the residents of Kochi.

The Thanalkoottu had games, dance, music and other interesting events. More amazing was the fact that passers-by were asked to spontaneously participate. Even the rain was not a downer. Instead of a normal zumba dance, the performance turned into a rain zumba.

This initiative at the Fort is the perfect example for enjoying the nature, life, communication and reality. All away from the buzz of technology.

So, what are you waiting for? Why don’t you join your children for a dance number outside?!  

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