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Is Your Sister Pregnant? Here's How You Could Make It Grand!

Siblings relationship could be stronger than the spirit of the storm. If your sibling is a sister, bingo! You have won a best friend for a lifetime. A sister is a built-in best friend, second mother, an ally for life, an honest debator, a planner, a lender and the best critic. She is the one who saw you through all the ups and downs and still loves you in the exact same way. The words fall short to explain this relationship. But how would you feel when that second mother of yours is all set to have kids of her own? You would definitely have a range of emotions from happiness and excitement to loneliness and insecurity. In spite of all those emotions, it becomes your prime responsibility to be there when your pregnant sister needs you. And to make yourself an awesome sister, here is what you could do for your mom-to-be sister. 

1. Talk to her and ask her how she is doing:

Well, the news is out! Everyone is excited and in a party mood. But with the variation in hormonal level and fatigues and the morning sickness, she might be feeling like she will ruin her ladybits forever or she might be struggling to get accustomed to the pregnancy body or she might be on cloud nine. Whatever it is, she definitely wants someone to listen. So, open the door for sharing, talk to her and ask her how she is doing and tell her to take care of herself. That would definitely make her feel a little better.

2. Satisfy her cravings:

Pregnancy comes with quite a lot of cravings and sometimes strange cravings too. So, be it at 3 in the early morning or at 12 at late night, be there at her service and satisfy her cravings whatever she wants and whenever she wants. After all that she is going through, that is the least you could do to make her feel better and enjoy her pregnancy.

3. Plan a baby shower:

The Baby shower is something all the pregnant women cherish. So, make it grand and since you are an awesome sister, organize it in a way your sister loves it. Make sure to invite her friends, decorate the venue, prepare and serve the food she likes in the baby shower function, pamper her with the lovely and useful gifts and also, ensure she enjoys her baby showers by organizing some fun games.

4. A pregnancy photo shoot for sweet memories:

Photos taken during those last months of pregnancy could be something that your sister could treasure for life. It is those pics which could bring back the memories of those kicks and movements in her tummy and opens the door for those lovely feelings she had when the little being was in her tummy. So, book a photo shoot. Gift her a photoshoot package containing before the delivery and after the baby arrives photoshoot.

5. Prepare a baby planner:

“Man proposes and God disposes”. Of course, yes. But that’s not true in all the cases. You could plan whatever is in your hand and have it go according to that. Just like you planned what all songs could be played in your wedding or which colour you could use to decorate the wedding venue or who all could be invited for your marriage, you can plan a few things well in advance for the giving birth to your baby too. So, prepare a baby planner for your sister and with your sister. Get her to fill in all the details and go according to that.

6. Give her expensive old baby stuff:

If you are already a mother and if your sister is a first-time mom, give her the expensive old baby stuff. Give her the carrier, pram, some old toys too. This could take off a little financial burden from her back and could minimize the stress of arranging every possible thing that her baby might need.

7. Just be there:

Yes, your sister and her husband are very attached and close to each other. Without a doubt, she would like to have her husband with her at the time of delivery. But when you are there during her labour and delivery, it takes the process to the new level altogether. So, wherever you are and whatever you are doing, wrap up everything and run to the hospital when you get to know she is on her way to the hospital and just be there for her, either to hold her when she is having severe contractions or whenever she needs you.

With all the above-mentioned things, put your heart and soul to be there for your sister, have an honest intention to support her and cheer her. Make her feel like she is cared for and loved beyond eternity. And she will be grateful in all the ways you could never imagine. 

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