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Is Your Indoor Air SAFE for You And Your Baby?

The air we breathe is so polluted with a cocktail of pollutants like smoke, chemicals, dust, bacteria, etc that even the healthiest of individuals can fall sick with a cold or allergy. The vehicle emissions, burning waste, Diwali crackers and pollutants released from factories all contribute to the pollution. In fact, air pollution has been the cause of the existing smog crisis in Delhi.

One may think that they are safe from this toxic air once they are inside their homes. But studies show that the air inside our homes can be 10x more polluted than the air outside. If this air is so harmful to adults, imagine the impact it may have on babies. 

Growing children and babies have a weaker immune system when compared to adults. They are more prone to catching severe allergies like asthma due to the air inside their homes. The elderly also have weakened immune systems and thus are prone to falling sick. For the sake of our parents and children, we must ensure there is a circulation of safe, purified air in our homes.

To paint a clearer picture for you, here are some of the harsh truths about the air inside your house.

Poor Ventilation In Kitchen

When cooking, there is a lot of smoke, fumes, combustion products, heat, airborne grease, and steam that is released. Exhaust fans are not too effective in removing all of these. The grease and moisture may settle on devices, food and surrounding surfaces in the kitchen. Potentially hazardous byproducts that are produced while cooking includes nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide. These have to be removed using a chimney, range hood or air purifier.

Air Conditioners

You may assume that with an air conditioner, the air in their homes is safe to breathe in. But AC’s when operating in internal circulation will circulate the same stale air in our homes. When operating in split AC mode, they circulate the polluted air from outside. So, using air conditioners is not the solution to getting pure, breathable air in our homes.


The volatile fumes that arise from certain paints can be dangerous. When babies are exposed to the harmful chemicals present in these fumes, it can lead to respiratory problems. To avoid this, use paints that don’t contain these chemicals - VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). If you already have used these paints, you should install an air purifier to help in keeping the air clean and breathable for your baby.


Dust and allergens are present in the cute, soft carpets that you want to place in your baby’s room. The millions of dust mites, allergy-causing bacteria, and dirt that reside in these soft carpets, can cause severe allergies, watering eyes, cough, etc. To be safe, opt not to use carpets or use carpets that are thinner and easy to clean. Clean the rugs regularly to clear out the dust and dirt that settles into it. Air purifiers will finish the job by clearing out the dust particles in the air.

Pollen Allergy From Plants

Doctors have emphasized about the allergies that people get from pollen that is present in the air. Pollen from the flowers in our homes can cause allergies and in some people, they stay year-round. They are particles that can’t be easily detected by the naked eye. To avoid pollen allergies, we must use air purifiers in our homes.

Damp Walls

Mold thrives in warm, damp and humid conditions. Any moist areas in the house can foster the growth of mould. This can cause various allergies - even wheezing - in babies. Controlling the moisture is the best way to prevent the growth of mould indoors.

Dust Mites

Your home could have millions of invisible and disease-causing dust mites. These are microscopic creatures that can wreak havoc on your health and cause respiratory distress and allergies in adults and babies alike. They thrive in warm spaces, especially in beds, sofas, carpets etc and multiply rapidly. Air purifiers can help get rid of these microorganisms and make your home a safe and healthy space.

Animal Dander

Pets become an inseparable part of our family and homes but the drool and fur that they shed can cause serious allergies in babies. It is advised to keep your pets outside for the most part to avoid any problems. You should especially avoid letting them into the bedroom, near the place where the baby sleeps. Even so, there will be pet dander left about which can be cleared up by following a regular and thorough cleaning regime and using a high-quality air purifier.

As you can see, the air inside our homes is not healthy or safe. It is 10 times more damaging than the air outside. With the air pollution that affects metro cities, the indoor air is that much more harmful. But don't worry, there is a solution to this. By using air purifiers, we can purify the air and make our homes safer for ourselves and our little ones. We recommend using Dr. Aeroguard since it purifies the air by filtering out animal dander, dust, and dirt. It also eliminates VOC’s, microorganisms and fungal growth.

You can book a free home demo to see for yourself or order them right away by clicking here.

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