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Is Your Husband Everything You Think He Is?

We marry a person because we think they are the best fit for us. The things that we do not like, we choose to ignore. Likewise, you may, many a time convince yourself that your husband is everything you think he is. But is he really? This can work in a positive as well as a negative manner.

There are some attributes that you just cannot change about a person and you have to make peace with or let that person go. But if the other person is not even ready to change their negatives, then you need to question whether the only thing you should do is to turn a blind eye. In the same manner, do not hammer your partner too much. When you’ve told them to do a particular thing once, remind them only one more time.

Him before the Children

Most husbands may refrain from saying this but they would love for you to pay him more attention than to the kids. To be honest, your husband is not completely wrong on this one. Children require a lot of attention, commitment and time, but so does a healthy marriage. All of a sudden when your world stops revolving around your marriage and starts revolving around your kids, there are bound to be issues. The quality of relationship that a couple has, affects everything else, including the emotional state of their kids.

Criticisms and Corrections 

Men guard their ego very dutifully. So if you are the kind of wife who keeps on constantly correcting and criticizing him, then you should tone it down a little. A healthy dose of criticism and advice is good, but too much of it can be harmful to your relationship. In the early stages of your relationship, you may realize that he appreciates the criticism which later irritates him.

Household chores

More often than not, women do a particular task because it needs to be done whereas husbands do the same tasks because their wives want them to do it. So if your husband is doing a few tasks for you and helping you around the house, it would be a good idea to say a ‘thank you’. Many women feel that there is no need to thank their husbands since it is the duty of both partners to do household chores. While this is true, appreciating your husband will make him appreciate you in return.

Men are visual creatures

Men may not say it often, but they crave a physical connection as much as women crave an emotional one. The physical connection that your husband seeks with you will help him connect with you on an emotional level. At times, it may so happen that he will want you to initiate things.

He no longer listens to you

Earlier, he used to pay careful attention to everything you said but now he seems to tune out. Your husband is not at fault in this. There is definitely a problem if he doesn’t want to listen to you, to begin with, but if he tunes out in the middle of a conversation, it’s normal. Human beings have limited attention spans, so try to be concise and avoid long-winded talks.

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