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Is Your Floor Cleaner REALLY Safe For You And Your Baby?

One consistent habit of nearly every Indian household is cleaning. We clean our house daily, we do laundry daily. We do all sort of weekly or monthly cleaning as required. But are we really aware of what we are doing when we say we use this cleaner to clean our homes? Are we aware of its composition? More often than not, we aren't...

Let's take an example of a floor cleaner. We use it every day to clean our home. We never bother about its ingredients. We never bother to care for it is after effect. What if you have a small baby in the home who is constantly exposed to these toxins present due to your carelessness at home ??

But it is never too late to realize. Let us take some time to give it a thought. Check the ingredient list of your floor cleaner. It must be there on the back side of its bottle unless something smoky. Tell me what you see. Do you see Ammonia or Ammonium compounds? Chlorine or Chloride-ethylenes? Phosphates or any of those numerous toxic chemicals?

Well, it’s a no big surprise that a lot of things we use today have chemicals present in them. But when it is something that affects our lives, especially our little baby, we have to ensure that it is safe for them. And as it turns out, mostly they aren’t. They toxic chemicals cause a lot of diseases and rashes to the babies. They also cause irritations, allergies, and even some chronic issues related to breathing like asthma.

Usually, even after knowing all this, we ask ourselves, what can we do? Afterall we cannot just stop cleaning our homes, that’s not a solution. So what? Are we supposed to live forever with these chemicals? Definitely not. We at Tinystep are equally concerned with it. So that's why we made Tinystep Floor Cleaner, a natural product that not only helps you clean your floor in a natural way but also detoxifies your home from many long persisting toxic chemicals. Use it and see the difference yourself. Your baby will not have to inhale those toxins again and will be less prone to any airborne diseases. Your family will never again have to inhale the toxins and will remain more healthy.

So moms make a change for the betterment of your family and click here to purchase.

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