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Is Your Baby Fussy? Here's What You Can Do To Soothe Them

Stepping out of the shell a mother weaves within her womb can be as intimidating for the baby as it is for a new mother who tries hard to make motherhood a success. It is but natural for a baby to create a fuss more often than not as they get used to their new world. As a mother, it is almost reflexive to get onto your toes the minute you hear a cry for help and soothe your precious gift of cuteness to reduce their fuss. Babies can get fussy for several reasons, but it is usually because of some discomfort they face due to hunger, tiredness, or when they need just needing a diaper change. So here are a few things you could try, to soothe your little one when they get fussy:

1. Check for obvious signs

First, check for the most obvious causes - hunger, wet diaper, sleepiness, attention, and pain. Once you understand or rule out the possibilities, we can decide what the next step would be. For pain, it is important to try and understand what the source of the pain might be.

2. When they feel unsafe

Believe it or not, babies can be stressed too. Babies get frightened at the sight of something unfamiliar or upon hearing a loud and unpleasant sound. To soothe them, cradle them in your arms whispering gently into their ears words of love and appreciation to initiate warming connect with them. You could explain what is going on in a calm voice. Hearing your steady voice is enough for them to know that all is fine.

3. If they are overstimulated

Your baby may remain awake for too long because of overstimulation. This could happen because of being exposed to more sounds, activity, and sensations than their brain can cope with. This can make them fussy and irritable. To soothe your fussy baby, try swaddling them, and remove any mobiles hanging over the crib. Create a relaxed atmosphere by dimming the lights and reducing any distractions. It can help them relax, which would help them get some rest.

4. For irregular rest patterns

At around 4 months of age, your baby may start experiencing sleep regression - a condition where they are unable to sleep well. They may wake up several times during the night and skip nap times. Keeping them relaxed during the day can help avoid this fuss. Massage them gently with a soothing cream like Vicks BabyRub regularly. The aromatic properties of Lavender and Rosemary will soothe your baby’s senses when coupled with your gentle touch. Infused with the holistic benefits of Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil, the Vicks BabyRub moisturizes and keeps your baby’s skin supple and soft that helps reduce irregular sleep patterns.

These tips are sure to help your little one stay fuss-free. Now, there is a reason why Vicks BabyRub is trusted and used by millions of moms. This rub has been specially formulated for babies aged 3 months and above, making it perfect for regular use. Keep your baby happy and healthy with a nest full of safety and comfort twined with the best from our beloved nature’s bounty. 

Keep the areas of application loosely covered to avoid accidental ingestion or slipping while walking. Always read the label. Use as directed.

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