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Is Woodward’s Gripe Water Safe For Your Infant?

Gripe water is every grandma's favourite go-to option when babies cry. In fact, for generations mothers have been relying on gripe water to soothe their little ones when they cry bitterly. For those of you who don’t know about gripe water, it is a water-based dietary supplement given to babies to soothe colic, teeth pain, indigestion, acidity and gas in the stomach. The first commercially available gripe water was sold by the 19th-century British pharmacist William Woodward.

During an outbreak of malaria in the 1840s in England, a group of doctors created a medicine to treat the disease. However, they noticed that this wonder medicine could soothe colicky babies and provided them relief from minor tummy problems. The medicine was, eventually, noticed by William Woodward, who modified the formula to sell it commercially.

Anyhow, there have been a lot of arguments and discussions regarding the use of gripe water. Many people still believe that it isn’t safe for the baby because of many misconceptions floating around. Therefore, we have come up with a few pointers which will help you make the choice to give your baby gripe water or not.

Is Woodwards Gripe Water REALLY safe for your infant?

1. Alcohol is bad for your baby:

Everybody knows that alcohol is bad for babies although it was originally believed that alcohol content in gripe water soothes babies. But the recent researches show that alcohol isn’t a necessary ingredient to have the soothing effect on babies. Since there were a lot of cases reported about babies becoming addicted to alcohol, Woodwards came up with a brilliant solution- alcohol-free gripe water! Alcohol was in fact replaced with sugar because it is a natural pain reliever for kids and it had the same soothing effect on the babies.

2. Sodium bicarbonate can ease the acidity:

Baking soda is an ingredient which is commonly used in gripe water. Although it has no role in soothing your colicky baby, but it helps in curing the acidity in babies. Sodium bicarbonate helps in dealing with acid reflux which often happens to babies.

3. Herbs help in digestion:

Certain herbs are good for digestion and they are the main ingredients of Woodward's Gripe Water. It contains herbs like Dill seed oil which helps in relieving the colicky behaviour in babies especially if they’re crying due to the discomfort caused in the gastrointestinal tract.

4. Gripe water ingredients have soothing effects on the baby:

Gripe water’s independent ingredients have a property of healing and soothing babies when they’re colicky. Instead of giving them a mixture of so many ingredients, you can give them all at once through gripe water. Say, for example, if you give a sweet sugar syrup to your colic baby, he will instantly stop crying. So, you don’t have to force them to consume individual ingredients like dill oil and sodium bicarbonate.

5. Does not cause diarrhoea or constipation:

It doesn’t lead to any potty problems as many parents thought it would. There was an instance in 2007 when a certain brand of gripe water was found contaminated with a diarrhoea-causing pathogen called Cryptosporidium. The case was subjective as the gripe water was contaminated while it was being manufactured. Parents also share instances where their baby developed a regressed toilet schedule after consuming gripe water, but there is no evidence that directly links gripe water with constipation or diarrhoea.

We care for your baby just as much and that’s why we recommend Woodwards Gripe Water for your baby. It contains all important ingredients which include herbs like Dill seed oil, sugar instead of alcohol and sodium bicarbonate which essentially take care of your baby’s colic emergency. It is completely natural and the best Ayurvedic remedy to cure your baby’s colic.

You can trust Woodward's Gripe Water as it is trusted by millions of mothers around the world. In fact, it is one secret solution every mother in the world relies on to cure colic, indigestion and acidity in the stomach. It is free of all artificial flavours and colouring, making it the best choice for your baby. Moreover, the best part about Woodward’s Gripe Water is that it has zero percent alcohol and thus can be given to the babies easily. So stop waiting and get the goodness of Woodward’s Gripe Water for your little one by clicking here.

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