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Is This Is The Reason Why Caesarean Delivery Is More Common than A Normal Delivery?

Pregnancy is a wonderful journey which marks the beginning of motherhood. However, when the due date starts closing in, every mommy-to-be has the most twisted conflict in her head- cesarean or normal delivery!

However, it is not easy to take a decision on the method of delivery. Some women have to make caesarean delivery due to complications in their pregnancy. But at the same time, some women resort to c-section delivery to avoid the pain experienced during vaginal delivery. In Metro cities, the trend of cesarean delivery is increasing rapidly.

Today we will talk about why this method of birthing is becoming a growing trend of day:

1.Lack of exercise

There are many women who do not have physical activity during pregnancy. Because of this, their weight increases. Since they don’t do much physical work, the front of the baby does not develop properly, due to which there is trouble in delivery and it is necessary to take the support of Caesarean.

2.It is too painful to handle

At the same time, some women resort to C-section because they can not bear the pain during normal delivery. Apart from this, some people want their child to be born only on a particular day so they resort to Caesarean delivery.

3.National Family Health Survey

It has also been found in the National Family Health Survey, that there are 10 percent cesarean delivery in government hospitals, while private hospitals have 31.1 percent cesarean delivery! 

4.What is the reason behind it?

According to NFHS-4, cases of caesarean are increasing even in the growing health of privatization and increasing profitability in the health service. Not only this, it was also found in the survey that in the states where literacy is high, there is more delivery through caesarean.

The statistics of the World Health Organization proved to be shocking. According to the WHO data, by 2010, only 8.5 percent of Cesarean delivery had been made in the country, including government and private hospitals, and this figure increased to 17.2 percent in 2015-16. 

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