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Is The Secret To Your Baby’s Happiness Hidden In Her Gut?

One thing that parents want more than anything else is their baby to be happy all the time. Babies may seem like complex beings but they really aren’t all that hard to figure out. After all, it just takes one silly face to get them giggling and cooing with glee. But, to ensure your baby is always happy, you need to keep their tummy troubles at bay.

Think about it - babies usually cry when they feel gassy, need food or when they need a diaper change. It is all related to ingestion and digestion in some way or more specifically, their gut health.

According to, gas is one of the symptoms of baby colic caused by sucking in too much air while crying. Or in other words, crying causes more gas which in turn worsens the colic. There is no way to actually prevent colic but you can ensure that your baby is safe, comfortable and happy.

To maintain a good gut health, your baby needs healthy bacteria from breast milk. The composition of breast milk is such that it is easily digestible and will help keep the colic at bay. No more colic, no sadder frowns and you’re left with a happy, smiling baby.

According to ESPGHAN, cow’s milk should not be introduced as the main milk before the age of 1 year. This is because the baby’s gut isn’t strong enough to digest the complex nutrients in cow’s milk. It has a high casein content - a milk protein that is not easily digestible - and the iron in cow’s milk is not easily absorbed by the baby’s body. Breast milk is much easier to digest and contains adequate nutrients for your baby.

Make sure to burp the baby after each feeding to make sure the milk doesn’t come back up. This will also ensure that you get rid of any gas and allow the milk to settle down in the stomach. Following these tips will help ensure that your baby stays happy. They won’t have any gas troubles to worry about and you won’t have to worry about them feeling any discomfort.

Keeping your baby’s gut health in the best condition will help ensure that your baby stays happy and healthy. Breast milk is the best food you can give to an infant and should be the only food given to babies until they turn 6 months old. It is naturally tummy friendly since it is produced to suit your baby’s needs. It contains just the right amount of nutrients that your baby needs as well.

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