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Is It Wrong To Have A Nanny For Your Baby?

Being a working mom has a number of benefits. But one drawback of being a working mom is that you may not be able to spend as much time with the kids as you would have liked to. It goes without saying that having a child comes with a whole lot of responsibilities. Your child needs love, care and attention while growing up and you should be able to provide that whenever you can. This doesn’t mean you have to stop working - just that you should spend time with the kids when you get back from work.

While you are at work, however, your little one would still need to be attended to. If you don’t have anybody to look after your child while you are at work, then the only option left would be to hire a nanny or babysitter. So it is only natural that hiring an experienced babysitter is one of the first things you would have to do when you head back to work.

Despite what people may say, hiring a nanny is not a wrong thing to do. If you are feeling uneasy about leaving your baby with a stranger, note that they won’t remain a stranger for too long. It might be hard to leave your baby alone with a nanny during those early years, but in the long run, you will see how it benefits everyone. You will still get to spend time with your baby in the mornings and the night time. You would only be separated for those few hours when you go to work. Remember that both you and your baby will benefit from that short period apart.

All you have to do is to make sure that you hire babysitters who are well-trained in what they do. This means that you should do a thorough analysis of their profile before hiring them. If you are hiring them through an agency, collect all the information you can about whom they worked for, how many families they worked for and any reviews or complaints received. You could even call up one of the families to ask for an honest review.

Do a screening process by simply talking to them and interviewing them - you should be in a position to judge whether they are genuinely passionate about their job and if they really like kids. If you are still not convinced, call them home over a weekend and see how they manage the kids in your presence. Make note of whether your baby enjoys being in the company of the babysitter. Most experienced babysitters would know just how to keep a child entertained and engaged so if your child enjoys their company, you made the right choice.

On that note, if you have the slightest gut feeling that your nanny isn’t really cut out for the job, then go ahead and follow your instinct. You should only hire people you are comfortable with and trust wholeheartedly. At the end of the day, you just want your little one to be in the right hands.

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