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Is It Safe To Wear Heels During Pregnancy?

The journey of pregnancy itself is quite thrilling for a woman. This is the time when she learns about the different ways to keep herself and the baby safe from everything. Unfortunately, one of the most common mistakes a pregnant woman does is wearing heels during her pregnancy.

As it is, there is a lot of chaos in every woman’s mind when it comes to fashion. To wear or not to wear heels is ultimately her choice. Amidst this confusion, you must really wonder, “Is it really safe to wear heels during pregnancy?” If you’re used to wearing heels on a regular basis, you might find it a wee little difficult to find comfort in the regular footwear. 

Although research and doctors have warned pregnant women to abstain from wearing heels during pregnancy. There are way too many health risks associated with it and moreover, it is just going to be very uncomfortable as you progress into pregnancy.

Effects of wearing heels during pregnancy:

1.Back pain

High heels are crafted in such a way that they are bound to alter your posture. Your pelvic muscles are bent forward thereby giving you a round shape to your back.

The frontal part of your body gains a lot of weight during pregnancy and this change in your posture will cause your back to feel strained.

The ligaments of your lower back and legs become a little loose during pregnancy. Wearing heels will put unnecessary pressure on your back, joints and your pelvis. Due to excessive pressure on these areas of the body, it begins to start hurting.

2.Calf muscles

Wearing heels for a long time makes your calf muscles crunch and stay in a contracted position. This causes cramps in the muscles which may get intensified during pregnancy.

3. Stretched muscles

During pregnancy, the back and the abdominal regions tend to get stretched to accommodate the baby. In this process, the ligaments in the calves and ankles also loosen up due to the pregnancy hormones. That’s exactly how the muscles in your feet also stretch out.

Now you know why the shoes you could wear in your pre-pregnancy days feel more tight and painful you wear them during pregnancy.

4.Lack of balance

Your body is able to balance itself with the help of the ankles. Due to the sudden weight gain, your ankle is unable to withstand the pressure. It leads to a lack of balance and you’re more likely to fall while walking. It is unsafe for both you and your unborn baby.

5. Swollen feet

Your feet tend to swell during pregnancy as there is a lot of fluid accumulation in the lower part of your body. Most women don’t get it as they’re crazy about fashion.

One such woman was Kim Kardashian’s and her passion for fashion. Remember how she tried to stuff her swollen feet into those tiny shoes and looked like a total disaster? I’m pretty sure it must have been very uncomfortable, in fact, it was uncomfortable to even look at!

When is it safe to wear heels during pregnancy?

Many women claim that they have worn heels and felt absolutely comfortable in it even during their first trimester. Women can wear heels without hurting their growing baby- unless they make her trip and fall flat on the ground. You should be concerned about the fact that as you advance into pregnancy, the centre of gravity changes and you become less steady on your heels.

Therefore you’re more prone to falling down and having a miscarriage if you wear heels during pregnancy.

Safety procedures to follow while wearing heels during pregnancy:

Although it is not advisable to wear heels during pregnancy, if you ever have to, keep the following points in your mind:

-Wear low heels during your first trimester but stick to flat soled footwear whenever you can.

-Wear heels that are sturdy so that they can withstand your body weight.

-Pregnancy shopping is fun! Just remember that you don’t buy shoes that will grab your ankle too tight.

-Forget about wearing stilettos, kitten and platform heels. They are thin heels and they’re hard to maintain balance on.

-Wedges are also a big NO NO when it comes to wearing heels. Since your body weight is on the rise during pregnancy, your body’s shape changes majorly thereby shifting your body’s centre of gravity.

-If you’re at a party, don’t keep standing in your heels for too long as it will cause your feet to get strained.

-If you’re a regular at wearing heels, ensure that you massage your calf and your foot often as they bear a lot of pressure when you wear heels. 

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