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Is It Safe To Use Cosmetic Products During Pregnancy?

Is It Safe To Use Cosmetic Products During Pregnancy

Although pregnancy is that time of a woman’s life which is powerful and glorious, it can be a slightly confusing phase. This is because women are way too concerned about their beauty and physical appearance. It is probably because of the unrealistic beauty standards we see on the internet. During pregnancy, a woman’s hormones throw the usual skin balance out of whack and some women end up with perfectly glowing skin while the others get stuck with greasy skin. 

Just like every woman on this planet, you too must be having a special place for makeup kit and cosmetics in your heart, don’t you? But if you’re pregnant, you might have had thought about putting your cosmetics away because it might be harmful to the baby. With multiple brands that are deemed safe to use for pregnancy skin care, may not be that safe after all.

You might feel that makeup will help you hide your blemishes and turn you into a yummy mummy, but do you know that makeup isn’t so safe for the growing baby!

Can pregnant women use cosmetics?

Most cosmetic products available in the market are not subjected to any regulation. With so many brands and offers to choose from, picking out a pregnancy safe cosmetic care product is nearly impossible!

Using cosmetics during pregnancy is one of the most controversial topics in the mommy world as there are too many perspectives and research which provide ambiguous answers to this issue.

What are these harmful chemicals present in cosmetics?

There is a synthetic chemical compound called- Phthalates which is infused in most of the cosmetics. This chemical is known to interfere with the body’s natural hormones and cause an overall imbalance.

This synthetic chemical is found in everything from PVC flooring, pipes and shower curtains and the dashboard of your car! They are minute particles which enter our body when we breathe in.

Effects of makeup on the growing fetus:

As a matter of fact, the toxins and the chemicals present in your makeup gear has some impact on the growing fetus inside your womb. It is said that these toxins hampers the baby’s cognitive development and hinder the other developmental processes.

A controversial study claims that there is a link between wearing makeup during pregnancy and low IQ scores in children.

What products should you watch out for?


It apparently contains traces of aluminium and titanium oxides which may lead to poisoning the unborn baby. Further, it might lead to a miscarriage. It is also known to slow down the brain, kidney and nervous system development and cause behavioural issues.

2.Hair dyes

Dying hair is a great way for anybody to pamper themselves. Many women claim that the chemicals present in the hair dyes are deadly for the growing embryo. The ammonia which is one of the main ingredients in this cosmetic product. Breathing in this harmful chemical may prove to be very dangerous for the baby growing in your womb.

3. Nail polish and hairspray

This is a synthetic chemical which is commonly found in most cosmetic products like hairspray, lipstick and nail polish. It has a property of interfering with the regular hormones which are released during pregnancy. A study shows- prenatal exposure to this synthetic chemical can cause lower IQ levels in children. Moreover, babies who are exposed to a higher level of Phthalates were 78% higher at risk of developing asthma by the age of 11.


They contain a chemical called Aluminum chloride hexahydrate which has a negative impact on the sweat glands. They are strict to be avoided during pregnancy.

5.Compact powder and eyeshadow:

These products contain a high amount of parabens which are bad for your body and your baby’s health. Using products that have parabens will make you prone to developing breast cancer, infertility and endocrine malfunction.

So how do I look pretty without makeup?

You’re naturally gifted with a beautiful face and mesmerising eyes! Your husband and the other members of the family love you for what you are. It is completely alright if you don’t use makeup on your face.

But if there is a day when you have to look extra glamorous, you might have to use the basic cosmetic products. Just keep in mind these points before you start:

-You need to protect the growing fetus inside your womb, so watch out for the kind of cosmetics you use. Preferably, stay away from products that have lead, mercury and paraben especially in your first trimester.

-The nail enamel, hair dyes and other cosmetic products that have artificial chemicals in them should be avoided. If you really have to use it, ensure that you’re in a well-ventilated room so that you don’t breathe in the pungent smell of chemicals.

-Opt for a proactive skin care routine which will keep your skin hydrated, glowing and youthful. Go organic, it’s never too late!

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