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Is It Safe To Have Watermelon During Pregnancy?

is it safe to eat watermelon during pregnancy

You would take care of your precious one in every manner starting with eating the right food for your baby’s development. Amongst the whole list of do's and don’ts during pregnancy, we will steer our way directly into the question of whether it is safe to eat watermelon in pregnancy.

Is it safe to eat watermelon during pregnancy? Yes, it is completely safe to eat watermelon in pregnancy having said that let’s explore the health benefits for watermelon while looking closely into the watermelon calories count and watermelon nutrition value. The most comfortable source to consume watermelon is simple. Watermelon juice with a little sugar, a pinch of salt and mint leaves to top it all.

is it safe to eat watermelon during pregnancy

Ladies, be assured. This article will have you running to the market to buy watermelon as you read through the benefits of watermelon. The information quotient will go up when you will know about the Watermelon nutrition facts.

Table of contents

Health Benefits of Watermelon

Watermelon Nutrition Facts

Nutritional Value of Watermelon

Watermelon Juice Benefits

Precaution to Consume Watermelon Juice During Pregnancy

Quick Fixes with Watermelon and Watermelon Juice

Health Benefits of Watermelon

watermelon during pregnancy

Even the moms who enjoy eating junk food and crave for tastier than healthy foods turn their plate into a strict healthy diet for the health of their babies. While making that healthy diet plate you become more cautious because not all that suits otherwise will be good during pregnancy. Don't worry - the health benefits of watermelon makes tasty watermelon juice a very safe and highly recommended fruit during pregnancy.

1. Benefits of watermelon start with the 92% water content, vitamins A, C, B6, potassium and magnesium. Health benefits of watermelon are seen in keeping the skin healthy.

2. Watermelon juice benefits in maintaining body temperature.

3. Watermelon is nutritious for the baby.

4. Keeps digestive issues at bay.

5. Benefits of watermelon allow it to be consumed throughout your pregnancy without much worry.

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Watermelon Nutrition Facts:

health benefits of watermelon

The watermelon nutrition value makes it such an acceptable option during the most delicate stage of pregnancy.

‣ Watermelon nutrition value is high due to the composition of Vitamins/Minerals and the number of calories.

‣ Watermelon is a large fruit known as Citrullus lanatus.

‣ Watermelon nutrition fact consists of water and nutrients, it's a good dietary source of Citrulline and lycopene which are essential components of health.

‣ Watermelon constitutes 91% water and around 7.5% carbs.

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Nutritional Value of Watermelon

Nutrition value per 100 gms:

nutritional value of watermelon
Vitamins and Minerals in Watermelon

The variety decides the nutritional level, though all variants contain major vitamins and mineral.

‣ Vitamin A – Beta Carotene retained in the body as Vitamin A which is important for internal organs, vision and immune system.

‣ Vitamin B5 – The pantothenic acid in Vitamin B5 generates blood cells, converts the proteins, carbohydrates we eat through our diet.

‣ Vitamin C – It is an effective antioxidant hence improves skin texture, helps in maintaining blood pressure.

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‣ Mineral Potassium – Controls blood pressure, preserves bone mineral density and reduces the occurrence of kidney stone.

‣ Mineral Copper – This helps in the formation of blood cells, keeps bones healthy, helps in iron absorption.

‣ Mineral Lycopene – The pulpy texture and red colour of watermelon come from the lycopene content. This increases blood levels in the body.

‣ Mineral Citrulline – Arginine present in the body comes from citrulline, it relaxes the blood vessels allowing easy flow of blood and oxygen. To avoid fat accumulation in cells. It also facilitates healing of wounds.

Vitamins in watermelon

‣ Watermelon is extremely low in calories - 1 cup size of Watermelon has 46 calories.

‣ The total fat content is 2 (Saturated fat 0.1g + Polyunsaturated fat 0.1g + Monounsaturated fat 0.1g)

‣ It is one of the safest fruits to consume, without calculating the calories.

Watermelon Juice Benefits

health benefits of watermelon

The ease to make and consume the seedless version while retaining almost all nutritional value of watermelon makes watermelon juice the most convenient option. The low amounts of watermelon calories, make it even more healthy to consume.

Reduces swelling of hands and feet

The high water content in the Watermelon juice brings down the blockages in the muscles and veins and reduces the swelling. This health benefit of Watermelon can come as a boon to expecting mothers.

Reducing morning sickness

The inclusion of watermelon juice in your breakfast relaxes and gives a soothing effect. A fresh morning leads to a good day for the pregnant women.

Immunity building

The third most important health benefit of watermelon juice is strengthening your immune system. Eating watermelon keeps expecting mothers healthy. This also avoids the condition like preeclampsia which is characterized by high blood pressure during the 20th week of pregnancy. The lycopene thus helps in avoiding this risk.

Skin dryness

The most common symptom during pregnancy is dry skin, which leads to itchy sensation, by keeping your skin hydrated watermelon can relieve you from this situation. The vitamins in Watermelon play a major role in this.

Constipation and Digestion

Watermelon juice benefits in reducing the acid reflux, also the fiber content helps in constipation issues avoiding bloating and prevent edema.

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health benefits of watermelon

Fetal Development

The health benefits of Watermelon are not restricted to the expecting mother but the Watermelon juice benefits the developing foetus. The Vitamins in Watermelon help in developing vision, brain development, nervous system development.

Curbs UTI

Watermelon juice benefits from removing the harmful bacteria from your urinary tract, as during pregnancy time you cannot consume the UTI medicines.

Body pain and cramps

Benefits of Watermelon are seen in arresting the cramps and body pain which arise during pregnancy due to excess weight gain.

Skin pigmentation

Watermelon juice works best for digestion. It shows the effect of reducing the skin pigmentation and makes the mom-to-be glow.


Watermelon calories are negligible we do not have to worry about gaining fat. You can continue its consumption, even after pregnancy to lose weight.

Precautions For Consuming Watermelon Juice During Pregnancy

health benefits of watermelon during pregnancy

The health benefits are immense with minimal side effects of watermelon, but when we know something is good we tend to overdo it and that’s exactly what we need to avoid and extract the right dose of the nutritional value of Watermelon.

The side effects of Watermelon can arise only after overeating of watermelon. The intestinal disturbance like nausea, vomiting, bloating gas can cause trouble if you eat more than you need.

Cardiovascular problems

Overeating can lead to overstocking of potassium which can lead to cardiovascular problems in long run. Allergies like facial swelling may occur.


People who have the condition of too much potassium in their blood should stick to only one cup of watermelon per day as this may lead to a condition called hyperkalemia.

Blood sugar can go high leading to gestational diabetes if overeating is done.

Be careful that once you cut the fruit consume it in a day or two and store it properly in the refrigerator by keeping the extra as whole slices intact with the white gourd this will prevent it from deterioration.

At times the essential nutrients might get washed away along with the other toxin owing to the diuretic nature of Watermelon juice.

While having fruit be careful of the seeds it may lead to congestion in the throat, causing a strong cough attack which might be a concern for delicate pregnancy cases. Avoid unnecessary trouble to health we are only focusing to get as many health benefits of watermelon on your plate.

Quick Fixes with Watermelon and Watermelon Juice

Here are some fun recipes to reap the health benefits of watermelon from watermelon juice and watermelon fruit:

Early morning drink:

Slice watermelon chunks and make a quick, simple juice, without the addition of any other element, this option works well as an early morning drink. It should not be chilled.

Mix watermelon juice and apple juice:

This combination is packed with the nutritional value of Watermelon and Apple at the same time and fills the stomach during a light breakfast.

Watermelon juice milkshake:

Make this by simply adding sugar to taste a pinch of salt and blend it well then add cream and give a quick stir in a blender and the milkshake is ready.

Watermelon salad:

Health benefits of watermelon can be derived by making a simple salad of Watermelon + Avocado + Cottage Cheese + Mint leaves and a sprinkle of pepper, sugar and salt makes a delicious salad.

While adding and combining ingredients, be sure the right ones mixed as we need to maintain the nutritional value of Watermelon intact for getting all benefits of watermelon.


It's famously said by Mark Twain, "When one has tasted Watermelon, he knows what the angels eat."Thus, the nutritional value of Watermelon is as old as we can think of. Make this fruit a part of your plate by adding it in breakfast, lunch and dinner. Next time we see you we should know by looking at your glowing skin and fresh look that Watermelon has become a routine for you.

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