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Is It Safe To Have Barley During Pregnancy?

barley during pregnancy

Barley is known as the king of cereals. It is known for its seeds and water. It is a major cereal grain, commonly found in bread, beverages and varied cuisines of every culture. Barley contains important nutrients especially barley water which offers a wide range of health benefits. Barley is grown in temperate climates globally. It has been used as animal fodder and as a component of various health foods. It is also used in soups and stews. Barley grains are commonly made into malt in a traditional and ancient method of preparation.

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Nutritional Value Of Barley

Is It Safe To Have Barley During Pregnancy

Barley Water Health Benefits

Barley Side Effects


Nutritional Value Of Barley

barley farm; nutrition in barley

Before knowing the nutritional value of barley, it's important to know what is barley. Barley is a healthy high fibre, high protein whole grain, boasting numerous health benefits. When it is cooked, barley has a chewy texture and a nutty flavour, a bit similar to brown rice.

nutritional value of barley

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Is It Safe To Have Barley During Pregnancy

is barley water safe during pregnancy

According to various researches and their researches, barley is generally safe in the amount found in foods, even if you are pregnant. Barley water is a healthy drink during pregnancy made with pearl barley. Barley has a nutty flavour and barley water during pregnancy is beneficial to maintain the health of pregnant women. Drinking barley water regularly during pregnancy helps prevent many potential health issues and provides nourishment to the pregnant woman. Additionally, you can add it to your salads, steel and steamed vegetables too. During pregnancy, your hormones tend to change a lot, making your body undergo various changes. During such times, consuming barley water can be very beneficial. It promotes better digestion and eases morning sickness. It also helps to regulate blood sugar levels thus preventing the risk of gestational diabetes. Its diuretic nature prevents water retention during pregnancy.

Barley Water Health Benefits

There are a lot of uses of barley water. Barley water can be prepared easily at home, it has 100 per cent natural ingredients and is safe for everyone even for pregnant women. It is a natural medicine for several diseases and helps in the prevention of many others as well. Barley contains all nutrients that are vital for maintaining optimum health. It protects the heart against various cardiovascular diseases. It also protects the kidneys, urinary tract, liver, bones and joints and ensures their normal functioning. Barley water has also several other health benefits which are discussed below.

Reduces the risk of cancer -

This fibre rich grain has the potential to protect you from different types of cancers by boosting your intestinal health and improving your immune system. Not just the grain but the barley water is also rich in vitamin B and chlorophyll that detoxify the body and destroy the cancer cells and free radicals in the body.

Reduces symptoms of arthritis -

Barley water contains soluble fibre which is very essential for pregnant women. This soluble fibre helps the body to absorb nutrients better and reduce any pain related to swelling of the joints or arthritis.

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barley seeds

Combats diabetes -

Barley water has amazing potential to fight diabetes and lower it's prevalence. Barley water contains various nutrients and minerals which are effective in reducing the blood sugar levels. Barley is one such whole grain that is extremely rich in both magnesium and calcium.

Prevents gallstones - 

Barley water is known to prevent the formation of gallstones in women quite effectively especially during pregnancy. Since it is rich in fibre, it reduces the secretion of bile acids, thus increasing insulin sensitivity and reducing the level of triglycerides in the body. Women who consume barley water especially during the time of pregnancy are known to have a lower risk of developing gallstones as compared to those who do not consume fibre.

Reduces your child's risk of developing asthma - 

A 2013 study done on 3781 consecutively born infants in Finland tested the early introduction of barley water to infants and their association to allergic diseases. The study concluded that introducing barley water to infants around a certain age seemed to reduce the risk of developing asthma in early childhood.

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Barley Side Effects

barley farm; side effects of barley

Barley only has natural components in it and barley water is also prepared with natural ingredients and it rarely has any side effect when consumed by pregnant women. However, some of you would experience a few side effects.

‣ Barley might be allergic to few and might trigger some side effects such as itchiness, rashes and shortness of breath.

‣ Too much consumption of barley or sprouted barley is not advisable as it can lead to birth defects or even abortion.

‣ The dust of barley would cause sinus irritation, eye pain or nasal congestion in a few.

‣ If you happen to consume barley infected by fungi, then you might have to suffer from a bone-related medical condition called Kashin Beck Disease.

‣ Consuming large amounts of barley may cause abdominal cramping, gas and bloating.

‣ The gluten in barley is known to worsen the celiac disease. Avoid consuming barley if you have been diagnosed with celiac disease or are experiencing any symptoms of it.


Now that you have read all the good thins as well as the bad things about barley, go buy some barley and start consuming it regularly to stay healthy and happy. Whether you decide to consume its water or seeds, the benefits will be plenty.

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