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Is It Safe To Eat Strawberry During Pregnancy?

is it safe to eat strawberry during pregnancy?

As soon as you discover that a little human is sharing your blood inside your body, you become extra cautious about your diet. Everything changes for good, and you think about your offspring’s well being more than your likings. Isn’t it beautiful?

With that, we would like to focus on your diet during pregnancy! As many of you know that vegetables and fruits for pregnant ladies are very selective. Let’s talk about the most flavoursome fruit we have with us. Can you guess it?

strawberries during pregnancy

Yes, we are talking about strawberry! There are many myths and facts about consumption of strawberries during pregnancy. Let’s see if you have to restrict yourself from having this delicacy for 9 months or no!

Table of Content

1) Nutritional Value of Strawberries

2) Eating Strawberry During Pregnancy – Safe... or Not!

3) 4 Strawberry Benefits That Will Make Your Day!

         i) Anti-oxidant

         ii) Low calorie sugar

         iii) Recommended fruit for pregnancy

         iv) Rich in fibre

4) How to consume strawberry during pregnancy?

         i) Fruit salad

         ii) Smoothie

         iii) Breakfast recipe with oats

Nutritional Value of Strawberries

nutrition rich strawberries

Strawberry is one of the most flavored fruit whose essence and color is infused in almost every dessert. It falls under the category of one of the best antioxidants we have amongst fruit. You would love to know that, although it is sweet, but it is a low-fat and there are absolutely zero calories in strawberry.

Here is the nutritional value of about 150 grams of strawberries:

nutritional value of strawberry

It increases good cholesterol and protects you from heart diseases as well as carcinogens. This tiny sweet package is a perfect combination of vitamins, fibres, and other significant minerals like potassium and manganese. Strawberry plant belongs to rose family and they don’t ripen further after being picked. Hence, you can store them comfortably for more than a week if you often feel like eating strawberry during pregnancy.

Eating Strawberry During Pregnancy – Safe... or Not!

strawberry during pregnancy

As a mom to be, you are extra careful about consumption of anything. There are a good number of fruits to avoid during pregnancy, and one should be careful about that. Talking about strawberry, let us make it clear, that it is absolutely fine to eat strawberry during pregnancy.

However, one should remember that too much of anything could be toxic, so always keep the amount minimum and consume in a balanced manner. If you love this yummy, tangy, and sweet fruit, we totally understand your craze for it! But, a balanced diet is not harmful, and binging is definitely not the best idea during pregnancy.

Let us make few things clear for you about the safety concerns related to eating strawberry during pregnancy. Take a look!

1. Strawberries are really sweet with low calories. So, if you crave desserts you can have two nos. with milk cream or salt and pepper, weekly twice.

2. Do not go for artificial strawberry cultivators. It may have lot of pesticides, plant hormones, and chemicals which are not suitable for you as well as your baby.

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strawberries during pregnancy

3. Try to order little amount from nearby farm or place which has good cultivation of strawberries and are assured in terms of its natural growth. Always prefer a healthier option if you want to eat strawberry during pregnancy.

4. Avoid taking artificial flavours of strawberry like squash, jelly, ice-cream, syrup, jam, or anything. If you need something like that, you can stock up your kitchen and prepare it at home. Don’t take any chance during pregnancy.

5. Do not consume rotten, unhealthy, or slightly patchy strawberry just for the sake of satisfying your craving. You never know which pathogen has affected the fruit, so never compromise with a damaged or even slightly rotten strawberry during pregnancy.

6. Make sure you find out about food allergies with your family doctor before eating strawberry during pregnancy. Get the necessary tests done for the antibody and antigen reaction in your body.

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4 Strawberry Benefits That Will Make Your Day!

strawberry during pregnancy

Now, that we know it’s safe, we must ponder upon the facts which make it healthy for future mommies. Here are some benefits that will cheer you up to eat strawberry during pregnancy without any hesitation or stress of side effects. Go ahead, and thank us later.


Being an anti-oxidant, it protects you from internal damage caused by chemical reactions. Not just the metabolism, but it also protects your child from any change or unhealthy alteration in his/her genetic make-up.

Low-calorie sugar:

Strawberry has fructose instead of glucose, which helps in elimination of fat molecules from the body. It adds no extra fat, calories, or any harmful substance to your body. You will feel energized and less lethargic despite consuming few extra pieces.

Recommended fruit for pregnancy:

The best part about strawberry is that, it is recommended for pregnant women. Amazing, isn’t it? If you have any congenital eyesight issue or you have undergone any operation for eyes, you must eat strawberry during pregnancy. The vitamins will enrich the eye pigments and your child is less likely to acquire any eyesight related problems.

Rich in fibre:

While pregnancy is full of food cravings and mood swings, a healthy digestive system is a must. It keeps you fresh and fibres in strawberry will serve this purpose. A piece of this fruit after a dinner will completely clean your tummy by morning.

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How to Consume Strawberry When Pregnant?

Since the beginning of this article, we are focusing on a balanced diet during pregnancy. In order to help you understand what we actually mean, we are presenting you some useful ways in which you can eat strawberries during pregnancy.

Fruit salad:

Do not entirely rely on strawberry for your fruits requirement. Make a mix of few more neutral and fibrous fruits. Use an appropriate dressing like yogurt, milk cream, honey, salt, and pepper. This is a great way to eat strawberry when pregnant because it includes a balanced mixture of fruits.


If you are a huge fan of milkshakes and smoothies, then you can make some of your own with strawberry. Make sure you use only whole and fresh strawberries. Add some milk, strawberry chunks, honey for sweetening, and bananas for a thick texture. Make a thick shake and enjoy before yoga or small exercise.

Breakfast recipe with oats:

strawberries during pregnancy

You can simply make your usual oats and add freshly cut strawberries into it! Also, few dry fruit chunks won’t taste bad. This is one of the best ways to eat strawberry during pregnancy. Try them out!

Now, that you are aware of all the facts, we would sincerely suggest you have a balanced diet during pregnancy. You never know which fruit or vegetable will produce antibodies or unknown reactions in your body. So, to be on the safe side, get all the necessary tests done and consult your dietician about what food would be suitable for your body and of course your baby! Stay healthy and keep spreading a word about this to all the to-be mommies who crave to eat strawberry during pregnancy!

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