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Is It Safe To Eat Raw Onions During Pregnancy?

Young moms to be, if you are worried about the effect of consuming onions during pregnancy, whether in their raw form or cooked in a vegetable, we are here to relieve you of your fears. Onions are a very nutritious plant that has been popular since centuries for their spicy and pungent taste; they come in various types such as spring onions, red onions, white onions, green onions and leek onions.

The health benefits of onions during pregnancy include gastric and digestive improvements, blood pressure regulation, weight management, etc. It is also a great source of heat in cold climates.

Craving onions and worried about its effects on the foetus? Pregnant women have food cravings which can have bizarre choices. Onions happen to be the subject of obsession when it comes to pregnant women’s taste buds. To set aside your anxiety and questions, we have made a list of benefits and also the side effects of eating onions during pregnancy. Continue reading to know more.

Table of Contents:

‣ Can A Mom-To-Be Eat Onions When Pregnant?

‣ Benefits Of Eating Onions During Pregnancy

‣ Side Effects Of Eating Onions During Pregnancy

‣ Conclusion

Can A Mom-To-Be Eat Onions When Pregnant?

Of course, you can treat your taste buds with the flavour of onions. But the point to keep in mind here is to eat it in moderation. Anything in excess is bound to be harmful to your body. If you have any known allergies or respiratory issues related to onions or phosphorous, you may want to give the plant a skip since pregnancy has the knack of making your body more vulnerable than normal. If you are wondering what to eat during pregnancy, you might also want to visit your OB-Gynaecologist to discuss a healthy pregnancy diet chart to include the best of every food.

Benefits Of Eating Onions During Pregnancy:

Onions can prove to be extremely healthy for pregnant women and their fetus. Here’s a list of reason why you should eat onions during pregnancy:

1. Detoxifies Your Body: Amino acids such as cysteine and methionine present in onions detoxify your body and expel the presence of harmful metals in your bloodstream.

2. Keeps Your Weight In Check: Onions can be easily added to your salads and foods because they are very low on calories. This avoids the gain of unnecessary weight by pregnant moms.

3. Prevents Pregnancy Gingivitis: Pregnancy hormones make you vulnerable to oral hygiene problems such as sore and bleeding gums, bad breath etc. The antibacterial properties present in onions will help keep bacterial activity low and will prevent your gums from weakening.

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4. Keeps Your Blood Pressure Regulated: Onions prevent pregnancy complications related to blood pressure such as preeclampsia, gestational hypertension and preterm labour. The phytonutrients stored in onions help regulate blood pressure and keep it from going higher than normal.

5. Prevents The Onset Of Gestational Diabetes: Onion helps to battle gestational diabetes caused due to insulin resistance. They contain chromium that helps to regulate the blood sugar levels of pregnant women. Chromium is a common mineral that helps to reduce and stop insulin resistance in the body.

6. Helps To Relieve Constipation: Eating white onion benefits pregnant women with constipation issues due to the lower amounts of sulphur to alleviate bowel discomfort and have a healthy digestive movement.

7. Boosts Your Immunity System: Vitamin C and its antioxidant properties help in boosting the immunity of the mother to be, thereby protecting the growth of the foetus. Make sure that your pregnancy food contains healthy amounts of onions in both raw and cooked forms to get the best quantity of antioxidants from them.

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8. Healthy Skin, Nails And Hair: One of the biggest benefits of eating raw onions during pregnancy is having healthy skin, nails and hair. There are vitamins A, C, and E present in onions that nourish nail and hair cuticles making them stronger, smoother and shinier. You will also have supple skin due to the boost in collagen that these vitamins provide to your skin. Pregnancy stretch marks happen to every mother, but looking after the hydration and collagen levels of your skin will make the marks less prominent by healing quicker than normal.

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Side Effects Of Eating Onions During Pregnancy:

Though it is completely safe to eat onions during pregnancy, you should watch out for the following side effects:

‣ Diarrhoea: A common side effect of eating raw onions is diarrhoea. If onions are causing you to have a burning stomach and loose motions, stop consuming it and ask your OB-Gynaecologist for help regarding the reaction. Eating onions when pregnant at times increase your body temperature beyond the point of comfort and the heat leads to hot flushes and diarrhoea.

‣ Heartburn And Nausea: The strong smell and flavour of onions can be a cause of causing heartburn and nausea in pregnant women. If you feel repulsed by onions when pregnant, avoid eating them.

‣ Allergies And Respiratory Problems: Allergic reactions to onions may include itchy skin or rashes. They may also materialize in the form of respiratory problems such as difficulty in breathing and feeling suffocated.

‣ Listeriosis Infection: The gills onion is known to carry the Listeria monocytogenes that affects pregnant women faster. If a pregnant woman contracts Listeriosis, there is a possibility for the foetus to catch it as well. This may lead to premature delivery, miscarriages of the baby in the worst case scenarios. We highly recommend against the consumption of this particular type of onion and instead use its safer variants such as white onions or spring onions.

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Onions provide much-needed nutrition and benefits to a pregnant woman at the same time they tantalize your taste buds by adding a burst of flavour in your food. Be sure to include a stipulated amount of the healthy vegetable in your daily diet!

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