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Is It Safe To Eat Pineapple When You Are Pregnant?

pineapple during pregnancy

A lot of people tell pregnant women what to eat and how to look after themselves, only to confuse the ladies with half-truths and misconceptions. Such a trend follows when they talk about eating pineapple while pregnant. There are rumours about the fruit causing harm and damage to the foetus and inducing a miscarriage. Other myths state that pineapples can help a woman get pregnant!

Is pineapple safe during pregnancy? Of course, it is and beneficial too, provided you eat them in small quantities.

Instead of worrying and causing yourselves unwanted anxiety, why not give out an article a read and learn everything there is to know regarding consumption of pineapples in pregnancy? Read on to know more!

pineapple while pregnant
Table of Contents

Nutritional Profile of Pineapple

Top Benefits of Pineapple

How To Consume Pineapples

Side Effects of Pineapple

When To Avoid Eating Pineapple During Pregnancy


Nutritional Profile of Pineapple

Eating pineapple while pregnant will do you a lot of good if you exercise moderation. The fruit is tangy and sweet which makes it irresistible, but too much of anything is harmful for your wellbeing. Eating a cup or two of this delicious fruit will boost your health with its nutritional benefits. Pineapples are rich in Vitamin C, folate, iron, magnesium, manganese, copper, and vitamin B-6. These vitamins, minerals and antioxidants play a big role in maintaining the health of the mother to be and her baby.

Top Benefits of Pineapple

pineapple during pregnancy

Pineapples should definitely form the part of your meals and snacks when you are pregnant. Following is a list of the benefits of pineapple during pregnancy. Here’s a list stating the benefits of pineapple during pregnancy for both the mother to be and the baby.

1) Lowers Stress:

The fragrance of pineapples is said to stabilize your mood and lower the levels of stress and anxiety. This is a good remedy for pregnant women who go through constant mood shifts and depression.

2) Prevents Blood Clots:

Pineapples consist of bromelain that is a natural blood thinner. It prevents formation of clots and unwanted coagulation of blood.

3) Reduces Water Retention:

Eating pineapples during pregnancy can help with reducing swelling caused by water retention as pineapples are diuretic.

pineapple while pregnant

4) Fights Varicose Veins:

The veins in the bodies (especially legs) of pregnant women tend to swell and twist painfully. Bromelain present in pineapples helps to avoid the condition.

5) Healthier Bowel Movement:

Pineapples have enzymes that help pregnant moms avoid constipation and have a healthy bowel movement.

6) Prevents Congenital Disabilities In Foetuses:

Pineapples are rich in iron that helps to promote the production of folic acid. This helps the foetus narrow its chances of getting congenital disabilities.

7) Avoids Anaemia:

The B6 gained from eating pineapples helps the body produce more red blood cells and haemoglobin to avoid anaemia.

pineapple during pregnancy

8) Boosts Overall Immunity and Health:

The fruit is so rich in vitamin C that it provides for the daily requirement (85 mcg) in pregnant mothers. Vitamin C and antioxidants play a huge role in boosting the overall immunity in gestating females. By eating pineapples during the pregnancy’s third trimester, collagen growth is also promoted due to vitamin C, thereby helping the development of the baby’s skin, cartilage and bones.

9) Looks After Cardiovascular Health:

Vitamin B1 or thiamine derived by eating pineapples during pregnancy helps to promote your heart’s health as your body accustoms itself to new changes.

10) Reduces Chances of Osteoporosis:

Pregnant women feed their foetus and aid its development by providing nourishment from their own bodies, thereby risking the chance of losing bone calcium. Copper present in pineapples aids bone health and reduces the risks of osteoporosis.

How To Consume Pineapples

pineapple when you are pregnant

Pineapples are good for the health of pregnant women, providing them with a lot of vitamins and minerals that they need on a daily basis. You can consume the fruit in a lot of ways which includes mixed fruit juices, fruit salads, pineapple popsicles and several other recipes such as salsas, vegetables and chicken dishes.

Side Effects of Pineapple

There are a few side effects of eating pineapple during pregnancy. Some of them are signs of an allergy such as bloating, acidity, rashes and itching on your skin. If you feel discomfort or any of these symptoms, consult your Obstetrician gynaecologist for a second opinion.

1) Pineapples often cause heartburn.

2) Premature labour can be induced if you over eat pineapples during pregnancy. The bromelain softens the cervix and weakens the walls.

3) You can get diarrhoea if you eat too much of the fruit.

4) You can gain unwanted weight and get gestational diabetes if you eat pineapples beyond the advised quantity.

5) Your blood pressure may drop substantially if you already have a problem after eating pineapples.

When To Avoid Eating Pineapple During Pregnancy

pineapple during pregnancy

1) Avoid eating pineapples during the first trimester of pregnancy. The bromelain can cause problems at that stage of foetal development.

2) If you suffer from low blood pressure problems.

3) In case you are allergic to pollen or latex you might be allergic to pineapples too.

4) If you suffer from gestational diabetes. Consuming pineapples will increase the blood sugar levels and put your health at risk.

5) If you are carrying a risky pregnancy with a chance of miscarriage.

6) Pineapples increase the body heat and cause an acid reflux. If you already have gastrointestinal problems for a long time, it is best to avoid eating pineapples while pregnant.


Now when you wonder about the question “is pineapple good during pregnancy?” you already have your answer. Though the concepts of using pineapple to induce labour may seem scary, know that moderation in consumption and advice from your gynaecologist will help you stay healthy and aid your baby’s development positively. There are several fruits and vegetables that are healthy for you during pregnancy, so you can effectively combine all these and make the best out of a balanced nutrition. If you show any symptoms of the side-effects of eating pineapples, please stop immediately and seek help.

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