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Is It Safe To Eat Jackfruit During Pregnancy?

jackfruit during pregnancy

The most challenging task during pregnancy is to maintain a balanced diet. You have to take care of several factors that might affect your as well as your child’s health. A nutritious vegetable that has immense benefits on normal days, might prove to be allergic during pregnancy. You see the instant change that your body has to go through?

Jackfruit is one such vegetable which raises a lot of questions in your mind during pregnancy. And after thorough research as well as exploration we have come up with this blog that tells about eating jackfruit during pregnancy. Let’s start exploring!

Table Of Contents:

‣ What Is Jackfruit?

‣ Benefits Eating Of Jackfruit During Pregnancy

‣ Side Effects Of Jackfruit In Pregnancy

‣ How Can Jackfruit Be Eaten During Pregnancy?

What Is Jackfruit?

jackfruit during pregnancy


Jackfruit is sweet, fleshy, and fibrous edible fruit which has a very strong fruity smell and unique flavour. It is more of a tropical fruit and is packed with nutrition to bring your health back on track. Out of 155 calories that jackfruit delivers, 5 calories come from fat, thereby making it a good option to avoid extra blubbers on your body.

Saturated fats, cholesterol, and extra punch of sodium ion is thankfully not a part of jackfruit’s nutrition quotient. It has several components of vitamins including folate, niacin, riboflavin, and thiamine. Jackfruit mainly consists of Vitamin A and C. It majorly has fibrous flesh which is not less than a gift for people with digestion problems.

Jackfruit has many other nutrients which add up to its anti-microbial and anti-cancer properties. You would be amazed to know that jackfruit is an inevitable part of Chinese medicine.

Benefits Eating Of Jackfruit During Pregnancy

jackfruit in pregnancy


There are several reasons we would strongly recommend jackfruit for pregnant women. As we have mentioned jackfruit’s nutrition quotient, it is important to highlight the jackfruit benefits during pregnancy. Let’s explore all these jackfruit benefits before you lose your patience!

‣ Sodium Balance: When your blood pressure is already fluctuating during pregnancy, you don’t need more blood osmotic imbalance. Jackfruit benefits include this perfect feature that can make it your go-to snack during pregnancy. It is low in sodium and doesn’t have saturated fat that adds up unhealthy lipids to your body.

‣ Immunity Booster: One of the amazing jackfruit benefits is its Vitamin C content. It is rich in Vitamin C and it helps you fight against some of the minor infections that could possibly become severe if recurred more than two times. So, you must always include jackfruit for pregnant ladies if she has a compromised immune system already.

‣ Stress Buster: In case you didn’t know, exploring jackfruit benefits can prove to be a blessing during pregnancy. It will relieve your mood swings and ease the stress that you are going through. We strongly recommend jackfruit chips during pregnancy if you need a healthy and tasty option to chew.

‣ Development Of Foetus: The numerous vitamins and nutrients present in jackfruit will help your foetus to develop properly. Moreover, it will make sure your baby has a strong eyesight, so you can’t hide chocolates from them.

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jackfruit during pregnancy


‣ Hormonal Balance: Jackfruits are perfect hormone regulators during pregnancy. You know how much you need this because even a small imbalance in hormones can cause complications in your gestation phase. Consuming 500 g of jackfruit every week during pregnancy will help you keep the hormones under control.

‣ A Reservoir Of Minerals: In case you are still wondering about jackfruit benefits, it contains calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, and beta-carotene. All these compile to act as a perfect nutrition for you as well as your child during pregnancy.

‣ Rich In Fibre: We have mentioned more than once about the benefits of fibre and jackfruit is all about healthy fibres. It prevents constipation and maintains your digestive system. It prevents accumulation of any toxins in your gut that might cross the placenta by mixing into the blood.

‣ Prevents Lethargy: There are days during pregnancy when you feel extremely lazy but, deep inside you want to exercise a bit because it’s healthy. Don’t worry because jackfruit nutrition includes a good amount of sugar and it can recharge you with energy so that you can feel better.

‣ Prevents Harmful Infections In The Gut: Being rich in fibre, it protects your stomach from forming ulcers due to extreme acidic reactions. It protects the sensitivity of your stomach.

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Side Effects Of Jackfruit In Pregnancy

jackfruit during pregnancy


Every gynaecologist has to say about balanced diet. Only if you understood your body and monitored every change during pregnancy, you would know about specific things to ask. We have found out that many women crave jackfruit in pregnancy and you all want to know if jackfruit is good for pregnancy.

There is a myth trending amongst women that eating jackfruit during pregnancy causes miscarriage. Well, this is not really confirmed and scientifically proved, but consuming jackfruit during pregnancy does produces some kind of allergy that you need to know.

‣ Allergens: While the majority of ladies will digest jackfruit in pregnancy, but few exceptional ones might develop allergies. Not to mention any specific ones, but you never know how your body will react to different fruits and vegetables during pregnancy. So consult your regular gynaecologist and make sure to get the complete blood examination done to know the action of antibodies.

‣ Stomach Pain: When you eat jackfruit in pregnancy, you are likely to get flatulence, or what we call gastric issues in common language. It causes a feeling of uneasiness which ultimately leads to slight pain at the centre of the stomach. If you ask for a specific reason, this happens mainly because you have not cleaned jackfruit properly. There are some parts in jackfruit flesh which needs more heat to get cooked and it is not edible. If you consume that by mistake, it causes indigestion and hence, you feel the pain. Sometimes, the pain is severe when you consume too much of jackfruit during pregnancy.

‣ Increases Thickness Of Blood: Jackfruits are known to increase the thickness of blood. You must avoid eating jackfruit in pregnancy if you already have issues of blood agglutination. Also, make sure you get the ESR test done in order to avoid any such food which causes coagulation of blood.

‣ Gestational Diabetes: Jackfruits are very high in sugar content, and if you already have hormonal problems, then you must watch the amount of jackfruit during pregnancy that you eat, specifically the sweet flesh. There are chances of developing gestational diabetes if you eat jackfruit in pregnancy.

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How Can Jackfruit Be Eaten During Pregnancy?

jackfruit during pregnancy


Now that you know about jackfruit benefits, it is important to include it in your diet in a proper manner. Given below are some of the interesting ways in which you can relish jackfruit benefits during pregnancy.

‣ Jackfruit Chips: It is an exceptional snack, mainly coming from South India and is beneficial for pregnant ladies who crave midnight snacks. It is crunchy, fibrous, mildly flavoured, and soothing. One can consume jackfruit chips during pregnancy with healthy yogurt dip.

‣ Jackfruit Chop: You can make this recipe when jackfruit is partially ripened. You have to take out the sweet edible part and separate the fibrous strings. Soak them in water for an hour, wash it properly, mix it with gram flour and some spice. Deep fry in hot olive oil. This is one of the best recipes to eat jackfruit in pregnancy.

‣ Jackfruit Seed Cover: Who doesn’t love ripened jackfruit? It’s sweet, tangy, and rich in flavour. You can remove the seed, and the inner papery coating and eat jackfruit during pregnancy without any hesitation. Also, it’s healthy for women with a sweet tooth, especially when they are craving sweets during pregnancy. Also, watch the numbers, because binging is not a good idea during pregnancy.

‣ Jackfruit Curry: It is a common category for all the variety of stuff one can make with jackfruit in pregnancy. Just boil the large chunks of jackfruit, marinate it with your favourite spice combo and turn it into the gravy. You can also make dry side dish by roasting them. Also, if your culinary skills are excited to try something new, you can mash the boiled flesh, and make koftas. Isn’t it interesting? 

Therefore, after going through all these facts and analysis, we hope you are having a sigh of relief. You must be well aware of the consumption of jackfruit during pregnancy by now. Pregnancy is a very sensitive phase, and you must carefully study the ingredients and their side effects before eating them. Do not forget to sync your cravings with the demands of your health.

Hope you are satisfied with our blog. We would love to hear from you and feel free to add information and let us know the facts that we have missed. We are waiting to hear about your experience during pregnancy as well as parenthood. Have a great week ahead!

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