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Is It Safe To Eat Grapes When You Are Pregnant?

grapes during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very joyous experience for expecting mothers. They make sure to do everything right so that their babies are born healthy and strong. At times they fall short of information and worry if an activity or a food item could be potentially detrimental to the foetuses health and development. Such a doubt follows the consumption of the fruit grapes. If questions such as “is it good to eat grapes in pregnancy”, “will my baby be fine if I crave green grapes during pregnancy” or “ are black grapes during pregnancy to be avoided” plague your mind, this article is for you.

We are here to tell you everything about the consumption of grapes for pregnant women. Grapes are greatly beneficial for everyone. Can you eat grapes while pregnant? Absolutely! These fruits in all its forms and types will help your health as well as the baby in a lot of ways. All things considered, moderation in your diet is a very important aspect. Make sure you eat just the right amount of grapes along with other fruits and vegetables to keep your health in top condition.

grapes during pregnancy
Table of Contents

Nutritional Profile of Grapes

Top Benefits of Grapes

Side Effects of Grapes

Factors To Keep In Mind While Eating Grapes


Nutritional Profile of Grapes

grapes in pregnancy

Grapes in all its variants have a lot of health advantages. The nutritional value of grapes surpasses the tiny size they come in. Packed in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, eating grapes during pregnancy could do you and the foetus a lot of good.

Grapes contain vitamins B, E and K. They also are a good source of nutrients like Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Fructose, Manganese, Cobalt, Resveratrol, and Pectin. Acids like folic acid, citric acid, malic and tartaric acids are also found in adequate quantities in this fruit. Eating grapes during pregnancy provides you fibre as well.

Top Benefits of Grapes

grapes while pregnant

There are a lot of benefits of grapes in pregnancy, both to the mom and baby. Following is a list of the good that it does to moms who eat green, dried and black grapes in pregnancy in a stipulated diet.

Combats Muscle Cramps:

The magnesium absorbed by eating grapes while pregnant helps lower the chances of muscle spasms and cramps in mothers to be due to restricted movements.

Avoids Anaemia:

The supply of iron through grapes ensures that pregnant moms do not become anaemic due to their gestational period. It also balances the haemoglobin levels.

Boosts Immunity:

Pregnant women are often vulnerable to cold and flu. The antioxidants in grapes help to boost their immunity and keep fevers at bay.

Avoids The Onset of Asthma and Arthritis:

The anti-inflammatory properties and water content gained by eating green grapes during pregnancy grapes help to keep both asthma and arthritis away.

grapes when pregnant

Promotes Healthy Bowel Movements:

The high fibre in grapes helps pregnant women avoid painful and uncomfortable constipation.

No Cavities:

The organic acids found in grapes beat cavities and keeps good oral hygiene.

Lowers Risks of Heart Disease:

Polyphenol present in grapes helps keep the expecting mother’s heart healthy and free of the risk of a disease. Eating grapes while pregnant saves you from the chances of having heart problems.


The body overproduces vitamin K during pregnancy, which leads to blood clots. The enzymes in grapes act as natural anti-coagulators and keep your blood thin.

grapes in pregnancy

Aids Development of Baby’s Nervous System:

The natural sodium from grapes promotes a healthy development of the baby’s nervous system.

Builds Good Eyesight for the Baby:

Flavanol and vitamin A in the grapes are natural nutrients that boost the eyesight of a baby.

Good Maternal Metabolism:

The transfer of nutrients from the mother to the child is promoted to move at a healthy pace because of all the vitamin B compounds found in grapes.

Promotes Heart Health in Foetal Development:

The resveratrol found in grapes is helpful in keeping the cholesterol levels of the mother at a low level. Eating grapes in pregnancy thereby promoting a healthy cardiovascular health of the foetus.

Side Effects of Grapes

grapes when pregnant

Grapes, whether green, black or dried can be harmful to your health if you have an allergy to grapes. You should avoid black grapes during pregnancy (or any other variant such as seeded grapes, green or dried grapes) if you show any adverse reactions after eating them. Take our list of side-effects of eating grapes while pregnant below as a guideline and visit your doctor in case you are in discomfort.

‣ If you have gestational diabetes, grapes could worsen the levels.

‣ Extreme constipation on eating too many grapes at a time.

‣ Diarrhoea on overconsumption of grapes.

‣ Resveratrol poisoning due to overeating grapes.

Healthy weight gain due to eating too many grapes is another side-effect to be wary of. Eat a small amount everyday to avoid weight gain.

Factors To Keep In Mind While Eating Grapes

grapes when you are pregnant

The following points should be given attention while eating grapes in pregnancy to be on the safer side of things.

Eating black or green grapes during pregnancy should be moderated because they have high sugar levels. This increases the risk of gestational diabetes. Women prone or already suffering from gestational diabetes should eat very few grapes in pregnancy.

If you suffer from stomach problems, avoid eating black grapes during pregnancy till it is cured. In case you already have GERD, avoid eating any type of grapes or raisins till your discomfort subsides and your doctor gives you the go ahead.

Eating grapes while pregnant on an empty stomach can give you acidity. It is best to eat this fruit after lunch or breakfast as a light snack.


Eating grapes during pregnancy in moderation along with a balanced diet and other fruits and vegetables can be highly advantageous to the health of both the mother and baby. The fruit can do a lot of good for your health due to the bounty of nutrients it carries. We hope that out article highlighted all the side-effects and benefits of eating grapes during pregnancy.

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