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Is It Safe To Eat Chicken During Pregnancy?

chicken during pregnancy

Have you ever come across someone cautioning you to stay from eating chicken during pregnancy?

Well, the next time they say the same, please clarify their misconception about the diet during pregnancy. Explain to them how the requirement of zinc increases manifold in the would-be mom’s body, so consuming chicken laden with iron and minerals becomes absolutely essential.

In other words, the answer to the question – “Can one eat chicken during pregnancy” is a big YES!!

However, it all depends upon your food cravings and your comfort.

Table Of Contents

‣ Why Must You Eat Chicken During Pregnancy?

‣ What NOT To Eat During Pregnancy?

‣ What Are The Benefits Of Having Chicken During Pregnancy?

‣ Conclusion

Why Must You Eat Chicken During Pregnancy?

chicken during pregnancy

Among all the other variants of the animal protein, chicken consists of a very low amount of fat and saturated fatty acids. Plus there is also a bonus that is - the richness of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids. One need not need to fret about cholesterol while consuming chicken. This serves as one of the major reasons why one should have chicken during pregnancy. Most mothers suffer from metabolism issues, and chicken is referred to be a metabolism booster as well. One of the crucial things which are to be remembered is that mothers opting for chicken during pregnancy should have it without the skin. Abiding by the norms of the diet during pregnancy pregnant women are advised to allow their taste buds to enjoy the heavenly taste of chicken.

What NOT To Eat During Pregnancy?

chicken during pregnancy

One reading this post will acquire a clear idea of which foods to avoid during pregnancy and delicacies to munch on:

1. Yummy Fried Crispy Chicken - This one will be a big NO! If you go through the disclaimer of KFC’s food policies you would know that the chicken is extremely harmful to pregnant women. And thus you must certainly uncheck this option from your list of what to eat during pregnancy.

2. Half Cooked or Half-baked Chicken - A bacteria named E.Coli is present in raw chicken. If the chicken is partially cooked then there remains a decent chance of this microorganism paving its way into the body. Nonetheless, this is not something of a healthy choice for food for pregnancy. Meat extracted from any animal is not what you called a safe option for healthy food during pregnancy.

3. Healthy Frozen Chicken Salad - Though it is considered to be one of the healthy food choices when it comes to chicken dishes, pregnant women should stay away from eating frozen chicken. A hygiene factor is associated with it which is questionable. Since it is not fresh this is one of the foods to avoid during pregnancy.

4. Biryani During Pregnancy - If your heart and soul revolves around this Mughlai dish then you are sure to get hunger pangs of biriyani during pregnancy. Not as disappointing like the former options, you can only have it if the following conditions are met:

      Eat the non-spicier version of the biriyani. Though it is obvious that one would crave only for the rich version of biriyani during pregnancy, extreme spiciness can lead to heartburn and nausea. And those are the things that you would least want to experience, right?

     • The most healthy choice of biriyani during pregnancy should be home-cooked. But if you are determined to go for the restaurant version, ask the chef if he/she has added meat tenderizers. For someone who doesn’t know meat tenderizers are certain foods added to make the meat cook faster. Tenderizers like harmful chemicals and even raw papaya fruit should be some of the foods to avoid during pregnancy

5. Spicy And Smoky Tandoori Chicken - Another delectable Indian food, this one comes as a delight to meat lovers! Now, this is one of the chicken dishes in which heavy use of meat tenderizers is a practice. So you need to be extra careful and order from trusted food hubs. If you come across a piece of tangy orange colour tandoori chicken during pregnancy don’t ever think of putting it inside your mouth! No matter how tempted, a mommy-to-be should never be vulnerable to food sources toxic in nature.

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What Are The Benefits Of Having Chicken During Pregnancy?

chicken during pregnancy

So now that you already know that chicken during pregnancy is definitely a commendable option, let’s take a look at all the benefits of this healthy food for pregnancy.

• Vitamin B3 - Lean meats like poultry are enriched with the goodness of niacin also known as Vitamin B3. It promotes brain development of the unborn child, clearing all the vagueness of what to eat during pregnancy.

• Amino acid storage - All of the essential amino acids are present in chicken thereby turning it into a healthy food for pregnancy. Amino acids are known for their aim to strengthen the muscle.

• No weight gain - If the skin is removed, the fat content of the chicken reduces to a great extent. It is tedious to find another healthy food for pregnancy which besides being low in fat is a rich source of nutrients.

• 1 cup chicken every day - It is prescribed in the diet during pregnancy to consume a single bowl of cooked chicken every day. Doing that would fulfil most of the protein requirements of the body.

• No cholesterol ever - If someone who is pregnant sustains on a diet loaded with chicken, she is never going to suffer from cholesterol issues ever. This enhances its goodness thereby rendering chicken the title of one of the nutritious food for pregnant women.

• Chicken liver - Even if you don’t desire, chicken livers should answer the question of what to eat during pregnancy. It will sharpen your precious soul’s brain.

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chicken during pregnancy

• Protection from neural tube conditions - The folate content in chicken acts as a barrier against a baby’s neural tube. This is a reason valid enough to term it as a healthy food for pregnancy.

• Rejuvenator - The antioxidant nature of Vitamin A and C present in chicken makes you energized throughout the day. One of the energy loaded healthy food for pregnant women.

• Sources of iron-zinc - One consuming a daily dosage of chicken as prescribed on their diet during pregnancy should perceive the little positive changes ongoing in their body. Iron and zinc are commended to form new cells thus promoting the over-all well being.

• Security from chronic ailments - enriched with the goodness of a variety of nutrients and minerals, consuming chicken during pregnancy would ensure that the unborn baby is guarded against deadly diseases like cholesterol and cardiac ailments.


As long as you can prepare healthy dishes at home, eating chicken dishes must never be avoided during pregnancy. Steamed chicken is a wonderful healthy food for pregnancy and so is homemade biriyani during pregnancy.

So if you’re still considering whether to eat chicken or not, then don’t hesitate anymore – satiate your taste buds and enjoy this special phase of life.

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