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Is It Safe To Eat Banana During Your Pregnancy?

banana during pregnancy

Cheers to all the women who are carrying a little heart in their tummy! We hope you are taking good care of your health, especially your diet. The major concern of any pregnant women or her family is “what to eat during pregnancy?” The mystery is, every human body is different and you never know which compound or fruit or any eatable will cause allergy.

In this blog, we will focus on the most common, yet beneficial fruit available to us i.e. banana! Do you think it’s safe to eat a banana during pregnancy? Well, maybe for some people, or maybe in some cases it’s not. Amazed? Let’s ponder upon the facts and bring out the best of details about eating a banana during pregnancy.

Table Of Content:

‣ Nutritional Value Of Banana

‣ Benefits Of Eating Banana During Pregnancy

‣ Side Effects Of Banana During Pregnancy

‣ How To Eat Banana During Pregnancy?

Nutritional Value Of Banana

Banana is one of the most nutritious fruit we have with us. It’s rich in mineral content, especially the potassium in banana helps maintain our osmotic balance. It is said that 100 grams of banana possess 89 calories approximately. If you remember gym freaks having lots of banana shake, then you must understand how much of the energy it provides.

It is so versatile that it can be added to desserts, sandwiches, cakes, smoothies, etc. Both raw and ripened bananas are amazingly good for health. Mainly, banana is known for its potassium content which balances the blood pressure, improves synaptic impulse transmission in neurons, and the mucous content provides a good binding medium for food to digest.

Benefits Of Eating Banana During Pregnancy

As a mother, who is really concerned for her child, it is obvious for you to feel sceptical and seek guidance. Let us resolve your doubt and inform you that banana is one of the most recommended fruits for pregnant women. It has several properties which can prove to be amazing for women during pregnancy.

Do not hesitate or worry about eating banana in pregnancy because it is absolutely safe. In order to reassure you, here we have listed some benefits of eating banana in pregnancy. Hope this will help you with your doubts. Take a look!

‣ Prevents premature deliveries and birth defects: Do you know why pregnant women are given a folic acid injection or oral tablets? Because folic acid helps in the proper development of the spinal nerve. Its deficiency can increase the risk of birth defects and also cause premature deliveries. Banana is a reservoir of folic acid and consuming it regularly during pregnancy will definitely keep your child safe from these problems.

‣ Helps with anaemia: Pregnancy and anaemia go hand in hand unless you are extremely conscious about your diet. Since your child is also feeding on your blood, it becomes difficult for the body to produce enough nutrients in the blood which is sufficient for you as well as the baby. Now, banana comes into play as a superhero! Believe it or not, banana is a perfect and easiest solution to cure anaemia during pregnancy. It has enough amount of iron content that will level up the energy in your blood.

‣ Controls morning sickness: Nowadays, women are taking pills to reduce morning sickness. Do you know that these pills can cause birth defects like teratogenicity (abnormal set of limbs)? One of the powerful natural remedies to control morning sickness is the consumption of vitamin B6. And this vitamin is present in the banana! The daily requirement of vitamin B6 for morning sickness is 1.9 mg and a medium-sized banana has 4 mg of it. So, if you consume even half of the banana every day, your morning sickness will be cured.

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‣ Natural rehydration solution for mother and baby: The body experiences loss in the levels of electrolyte during pregnancy. This can lead to weakness in both mother and child. The potassium-rich banana can bring these electrolyte levels back to normal. This will not affect the development of the foetus.

‣ Relieves diarrhoea and intestinal cramps: Your body will act weirdly during pregnancy and even slightest amount of drug can cause diarrhoea. But bananas are the saviour for this! Eating bananas during pregnancy can relieve the intestinal cramp and undo the condition of diarrhoea within 24 hours.

‣ Eliminates toxin by proper digestion: The mucous content of banana cleans your gut wall just like the fibre does. It helps in proper digestion and eliminates all the toxins from your body by preventing constipation. Apart from this, the mucous content also protects your stomach from the strong acidic action. Hence, after every meal, if you eat a banana during pregnancy, you will not feel the acidity sensation anymore.

‣ Increases stamina and enhances metabolism: Bananas are also a good source of calcium and protein. They help in renewing the energy lost as a result of pregnancy and makes you feel less drained or lethargic. Eating banana during pregnancy also improves your appetite as a result of which you consume more quantity of healthy food.

Bonus Fact: Not just during pregnancy, but bananas are helpful after the pregnancy also. It helps you reduce the fat accumulated in the abdomen in a faster way. It also improves your mammary gland secretion as a result of which you can breastfeed your baby properly. 

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Side Effects Of Banana During Pregnancy 


Although we have mentioned all the good things about eating banana in pregnancy, there is one unfortunate exception that we would like to highlight. Nowadays, bananas are grown artificially in the plantation for business. This is possible by inducing certain hormones or chemicals into them.

People with latex allergy should avoid eating bananas and similar other fruits because it causes intolerance for the same.

In any case, we would advise you to consult your doctor and get the required tests done before adopting any diet during the pregnancy period. Also, a solution to these allergies could be switching to consumption of organic bananas.

Also, don’t eat bananas which are lying around for many days because they may consist eggs of fruit flies which may or may not be harmful. Always prefer fresh bananas and avoid the ones which are extremely ripened or have deformities.

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How To Eat Banana During Pregnancy?

There are innumerable ways in which you can eat bananas during pregnancy, and here are some quick recipes that you will love trying at home! Check out these yummies and let us know which one was your favourite!

‣ Banana smoothie: Talk about banana and not about a smoothie is next to impossible. Just mix two bananas in fresh milk along with some honey or brown sugar. Shake it well in a mixer and its ready!

‣ Steamed rice and banana cakes: Mash bananas and rice powder with a little bit of baking soda. Add honey along with any other natural flavouring agent. Steam it for about 15 minutes in mould and your spongy and healthy cakes are ready to be served.

‣ Banana pancakes: You can also mix wheat flour with mashed bananas and add sufficient quantity of honey to it. Just spread, turn, and serve with organic jam or berry fruits.

‣ Oatmeal with banana: Any fruit can make your oatmeal taste interesting. Banana is one such amazing fruit. It gives the consistency of a smoothie to your oatmeal. Just cut it into pieces or add a mashed portion.

‣ Banana chips: Who doesn’t like chips? We haven’t seen anyone saying no to it, especially when it is offered to pregnant women. Make sure the chips are either baked or fried in pure coconut oil. Rest everything is sorted!

‣ Banana nutty sandwich: If you are craving a sweet sandwich, then you can slice bananas, coat them in peanut butter and grill! While you are at it, don’t forget to add nuts for the crunch.

Therefore, in the light of all the aforesaid facts about eating banana during pregnancy, we can derive a conclusion that it is indeed a blessing to be moms. Banana is not just a healthy fruit, but a natural remedy to many issues faced during pregnancy.

So, consult your doctor asap and include banana in your diet without wasting much time. Feel free to share your experience and banana hacks with us because we would love to know it.

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