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Is It Safe To Dye Your Hair During Pregnancy?

Most pregnant woman wonder if they can colour/dye their hair when they are pregnant with their little one because most of those colours are filled with chemicals. The same goes with hair treatments like bleach, spa and so on.

There hasn’t been enough research done on this topic but with what we’ve seen so far, it is, in fact, safe to colour your hair during pregnancy. The chemicals found in these dyes in both semi-permanent and permanent dyes are not highly toxic and are safe because only a small quantity of this product is absorbed by your skin. If you’re still unsure then you can just colour the ends and not go too close to the roots.

According to OTIS (Organization of teratology information specialists), pregnant animals that were exposed to chemical hair dye showed no unusual behaviour. They collected a report of numerous pregnant women who coloured their hair and found no irregularities in their pregnancies. This goes to show that the hair dye is not absorbed by the skin but even if it does, it doesn’t harm the fetus.

Some doctors recommend that you wait until your second trimester to colour your hair because by then your baby’s organs are all developed - This is just to be on the safer side. Rather than completely dying your hair, try streaking or highlighting. Also, make sure to wear gloves and colour your hair in a well-ventilated space to minimize the chemical-contact. Remember to not leave the dye on for more time than that is written on the package.

Hair dye can be used even when you are breastfeeding because there are very few chances of it entering your bloodstream and affecting your breastmilk.

A much safer option is all-natural henna that does the job equally well and there isn’t a chance of your baby getting hurt. But make sure to pick up the ones that are of high quality by checking the ingredients before you use it.

It’s always better to ask your doctor before you get any hair treatments done rather than to just take our word for it. We just want you and your baby to be healthy and happy :) 

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