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Is It Safe To Drink Turmeric Milk During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy often changes the eating habits of a woman as she is expected to follow a certain diet guide where certain ingredients and food options are completely restricted. You need to be cautious about every item that you consume during this phase because what you eat will affect your little one too. Most women are advised not to take turmeric milk during pregnancy because it is considered unsafe. But if you believe it’s a myth then let’s go deep into the fact sheet and check whether turmeric milk should be on your pregnancy diet list or not.

Use only a pinch of the spice

Most of us are in the habit of drinking turmeric milk right before bedtime but pregnant women are often advised to stay away from it during pregnancy because it’s efficacy during pregnancy has not been proven yet. If you still wish to have it while you’re expecting we would suggest you mix turmeric in your glass of milk in very small amount. This will guarantee the safety of you and your baby without potential risks.

Stick to organic rather than herbal brands

You need to be very particular about the brand of turmeric that you’re using during pregnancy. It’s extremely important to stay away from the brands that claim to be herbal as Doctors usually suggest pregnant moms to avoid consuming herbal supplements as they are considered unsafe during pregnancy. You can instead stick to the organic brands of turmeric that are widely available in the market and enjoy a glass of your favorite turmeric milk.

Using it in appropriate amount can do wonders

With the combination of turmeric in your glass of milk in appropriate amount, it can do wonders for the body. Many pregnant women have encountered it’s huge benefit during pregnancy as it helps in bowel movement, builds immunity and helps in blood circulation. But if you use it in large amounts it can also lead to some complications.

Limit it’s intake to every alternate day

The benefits of turmeric milk during pregnancy depends on its quantity. You can safely consume a glass of warm milk with a pinch of turmeric every alternate day and stay away from the potential risks of complications during pregnancy. Turmeric has lots of benefits for a pregnant woman but its overdosage can turn its benefits into ill effects. Taking it in optimum quantity can do wonders for both you and your baby.

You don’t need to take turmeric milk off your diet during pregnancy. Keep the intake at a low level and enjoy it benefits even while you’re expecting.

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