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Is It Safe To Drink Lemon Water While Breastfeeding?

As a new mom, all you want is to provide the best nutrition to your baby. For infants, breast milk is the best, most nutritious food you can offer. So how do we improve the quality of breast milk? Having well-balanced nutritious meals is obviously a part of the way to get the necessary nutrition. Drinking a glass of lemon water a day can help absorb nutrients better and can thus improve the quality of breast milk

Lemon water is known to have a number of health benefits for men and women alike. It can help you lose weight, build immunity, clear up kidney stones and lower blood pressure. But is it safe for nursing moms to drink lemon water too?

The answer is yes, it is indeed safe to drink lemon water as a breastfeeding mom. In fact, it has a lot of benefits for both - mom and baby. Let us take a look at how drinking lemon water can be beneficial for a nursing mother:

1. Steady milk flow

In order to maintain a healthy milk flow, a mother has to ensure that she stays well hydrated. This means that she has to increase her water intake during the time that she is lactating. Including lemon water as part of the increased daily water intake will further help keep a steady flow of milk to the breasts.

2. Improved skin tone

Drinking a glass of lemon water every day can not only improve your skin tone, it will also improve your baby’s skin. Lemon water is enriched with Vitamin C and thus helps make it brighter. It also helps clear up blackheads.

3. Clean and pure milk

Lemon water helps to detoxify your body, promotes digestion and also helps the body absorb nutrients better. If your body is healthy and is absorbing nutrients better, the quality of your breast milk will improve as well. This is why it is considered that drinking lemon water helps ensure that the breast milk is clean and pure.

4. Prevents digestive problems

You may already know how lemon water is super beneficial for improving digestive health. When a nursing mother drinks lemon water, she is helping to prevent digestive issues in her baby too. Bloating, gas and indigestion problems are common in breastfed babies. So if the mother drinks lemon water, these digestion problems will reduce. It can help the mother with nausea and heartburn as well.

5. Improves overall health

The same way how drinking lemon water has many benefits for your overall health, it can be beneficial for your baby as well. This is because lemon juice contains a whole lot of vitamins which in turn help absorb minerals better.

6. Helps purify blood

Drinking lemon water helps to purify the mother’s blood and makes it free from any infection. What this means for the baby is that even if the mother is ill, the baby will not be harmed. Since lemon water improves immunity levels, it will improve the antibodies in the blood and thus protect the baby from the illness.

7. Preventing varicose veins

After delivering a baby, varicose veins may show up on the mother’s legs. There are a few ways to treat varicose veins (click here to read how). Drinking lemon water every day can help to not only strengthen those veins but also help prevent them from recurring.

How To Prepare Lemon Water

To prepare this wonder drink, all you need to do is add the juice of about a quarter of a lemon into a glass of water (300 ml). Drink one glass a day and you and your baby are all set.

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