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Is It Safe to Consume Turmeric During Pregnancy?

Turmeric, a common South Asian spice contains around 300 compounds and thus, it is important to know if this spice is safe to consume for the pregnant ladies. Turmeric is a root extracted from the plant that has pungent smell and taste.

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How Safe Is Turmeric For Consumption During Pregnancy

Are There Any Health Benefits Of Consuming Turmeric During Pregnancy

Beauty Remedies Of Turmeric During Pregnancy

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome

Adverse Effects Of Turmeric During Pregnancy

What Is Turmeric?

turmeric during pregnancy

Turmeric, Curcuma longa is a native South Asian spice is added to vegetable curries and other food stuffs to give a distinct yellow colour. In India, we call it Haldi. Turmeric has been known for many therapeutic usages since the development of Ayurveda medical system.

The yellow colour of Haldi is imparted through an active component called the curcumin. Curcumin is the most active component of Turmeric, that has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which gives turmeric very beneficial for the health.

How Safe Is Turmeric For Consumption During Pregnancy?

turmeric during pregnancy

The safety of consumption of haldi during pregnancy depends on the limit of consumption. There are many myths associated with the consumption of turmeric.

One common myth is that consumption of turmeric may stimulate the uterus however a research study has proved that the turmeric has a soothing effect on uterus because turmeric has curcuminoids which is known to benefit the uterus.

In India, turmeric is a part of every food item and thus every pregnant lady in India consumes certain amount of turmeric in her diet and no adverse health effects have come to notice. Turmeric powder is added while cooking food.

Scientific evidences have proved that consumption of turmeric didn’t affect the development of the babies and also didn’t cause any mutations. All these evidences prove that turmeric is safe to consume during pregnancy without affecting the baby’s development.

Before taking any turmeric supplement, it is better to consult the physician.

Are There Any Health Benefits Of Consuming Turmeric During Pregnancy

health benefits of turmeric

According to Indian Ayurveda, turmeric poses many health benefits and thus it is also beneficial for the expecting mothers. Many people in India consume turmeric milk and there are plenty of turmeric milk benefits during pregnancy:

· Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and thus it is helpful in relieving pain and swelling in legs.

· It boosts the immune system

· Turmeric is helpful in maintaining the health of the beneficial bacteria found in the stomach, which helps in relieving constipation

turmeric benefits

· Turmeric flushes toxins from liver, thus purifying the blood.

. Turmeric has antioxidant properties which helps in stabilizing the free radicals present in the body.

Apart from the multiple health benefits of turmeric during pregnancy, turmeric also has been used since ages to lighten the complexion and gives a glowing skin.

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Beauty Remedies Of Turmeric During Pregnancy

health benefits of turmeric

Apart from the numerous health benefits, turmeric is also beneficial for the skin remedies for the pregnant ladies. It can lessen the stretch marks and gives an acne-free skin. Some of the beauty remedies of turmeric are described below:

· Mix turmeric in curd and apply on the developing stretch marks for 15 minutes and wash off. This can reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

· Many ladies complain of hyper pigmentation during pregnancy and to cure this turmeric is helpful. Blend cucumber into juice and mix with lemon juice along with little turmeric. This can lighten the skin tone and reduce hyperpigmentation.

· Apply turmeric paste (turmeric mixed in water) on the acne can cure acne and give an acne-free skin.

· Drinking turmeric milk can help in detoxification of liver and clears impurities thus purifying blood which gives a clear complexion.

These health benefits show that consuming turmeric during pregnancy in limited dosages is beneficial to the health of the pregnant ladies and in development of babies. A dash of turmeric in the cooked foods or in the milk can be a good way to consume turmeric as turmeric milk benefits can be helpful in development of the babies. Take care that high doses of turmeric dosage can create heat in the body.

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome

turmeric during pregnancy

Doctors recommend all the pregnant women to stay away from alcohol as alcohol can cause complications to the developing baby and may potentially damage the heart and the brain. Consumption of alcohol that can cause damage to the brain and heart is called the foetal alcohol syndrome. It may cause many heart defects in the baby.

Consuming turmeric during pregnancy creates a protective shield against the growing baby. This helps in protection of the baby from the destruction of brain tissues as the alcohol can deactivate in the genes and may cause apoptosis of the brain, which is also called as cellular suicide.

Consumption of alcohol may lead to many heart defects in the newborn and eating turmeric during pregnancy can prevent the risk of development of such heart defects.

Premature babies have poor developed lungs and have complications in breathing, consumption of turmeric is always recommended for all the pregnant ladies as it helps in proper development of lungs and can help the premature baby in proper breathing in case there is a pre-term labour.

Adverse Effects Of Turmeric During Pregnancy

turmeric during pregnancy

Although there are many benefits of consuming turmeric during pregnancy, but a pregnant lady must be conscious about the dosages of turmeric. Here are a few points which a pregnant lady must bear in mind:

· If you have a family history of diabetes, refrain from consuming turmeric.

· Consuming high doses of turmeric can cause blood clotting. Make sure to stop consuming turmeric two weeks before the due date.

· Pregnancy makes a pregnant lady prone to nausea and indigestion as they go through a lot of hormonal imbalance. Consuming high doses of turmeric can cause nausea, diarrhoea and indigestion.

health benefits of turmeric

· Never ever take turmeric supplements unless recommended by physicians.

Turmeric is beneficial in many aspects to pregnant ladies and also to the developing babies. The three main organs of the baby: brain, heart and the lungs grow better on consuming limited amounts of turmeric. However, it is recommended not to take any supplement of turmeric unless recommended by a physician. A pregnant lady must also refrain from taking alcohol as it causes adverse effects in the baby’s development.

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