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Is It Safe To Bathe Your Baby At Night?

Giving your baby a bath at night helps him relax and aids an unbroken night’s sleep. It is a fun and relaxing ritual and helps in keeping your little darling clean. The best thing about your baby’s nightly bathing routine is that it is the time when you don’t expect any interruptions and can devote your entire time to give him a relaxing bath. But parents often aren’t sure how to go about it as with kids they don’t want to take any risk. Read on to know how to safely bathe your baby every night without the fear of potential risks or accidents. 

Start by bathing your baby 2-3 times a week every night

To start with, you don’t need to jump into a daily nighttime bathing routine for your kid. Your baby doesn’t need a bath every night while he is too small. You can start by bathing him twice a week and then you can increase the frequency as he grows further. If you bathe your little darling every night it will easily dry out his skin as it is very tender at this age. So the top and tailing with warm water and washcloth every day plus twice or thrice bathing every night weekly should be adequate.

Plain water can clean your baby well enough

If you’re into the habit of using soaps whenever you give your little one a night time bath then you’re doing a big mistake. While a little dirt won’t hurt too much cleanliness can definitely cause ill effects. The number of toxic chemicals in the conventional baby soaps can do more harm than good for your baby. So it’s better to use plain water for the nighttime bathing routine of your kids. You can also use a damp washcloth to clean his hands, thighs and diaper area.

Lightly massage his body

Since you aren’t hooked up to endless errands at night you’ll have enough time on hand. While bathing your baby at night don’t just focus on making your baby clean but also pamper him by giving him a relaxing massage. A massage has miraculous effects on babies and when you make it a part of his bathing routine he’ll not only enjoy the entire bathing session but will also sleep peacefully at night. You can lightly massage his entire body with an oil or lotion before giving him a bath and then enter the bath zone. This kind of massage will help him transition from play to sleep and will help you bond better with your kid.

Keep the room temperature warm to prevent your baby from catching a cold

It’s extremely important to ensure that the temperature of the room and the water is warm before you give your baby a bath. At night the temperature is already low so to avoid chances of flu, cough, and cold you must use warm water to bathe your baby and you should also keep the room temperature warm. You can even close the windows and doors if it’s winter time. This will make your baby bathing easy and will ensure that he doesn’t catch a cold or becomes sick because of the bathing routine.

Gather all things you’ll need for a pleasant bath beforehand

Many parents feel baby bathing at night can be a daunting task but with correct technique and preparation, it can become the most soothing experience. Always try to gather all things you’ll need for your baby’s bath beforehand. Whether it’s a sponge, a bowl of warm water, washcloth, towel or baby cleanser don’t leave him alone and run in between to assemble things. This can not only be risky but can also lead to several accidents. Take time to organize your kid’s bathing schedule and never try to end up in haste. Remember you not just want to see your baby clean from top to toe but you also want to see him safe before everything.

A little preparation and practice can turn your baby’s nighttime bathing routine into the most pleasurable experience. You don’t need to be apprehensive about your new maternal duties a bit of trial and error will definitely help you master the art of bathing for your kids.

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