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Is It Okay For Strangers To Touch Your Baby?

When you walk on the street with your little one in your arms, they’re bound to catch some attention from the crowd. It’s harmless when they just smile at your baby or make weird faces but what do you when they start holding those adorable little cheeks or start shaking your baby’s hand?

It might still be okay the first, second or even the third time your baby is touched by strangers but eventually, it gets annoying for both your baby and you. Apart from the obvious irritation that will show up on your baby’s face, it also gives you the scare that your child might get sick. After all, you don’t know where the stranger’s hands have been before they touched your baby or the fact that there’s no guarantee that they aren’t sick or recently came in contact with someone who’s sick. There are so many scenarios where this can go wrong. But how do you feel ward off the attention from your baby?

1. Blame it on the baby

This might seem cruel at first but this is a fail-proof option. Tell the strangers that your baby doesn’t like being touched by anybody other than her mother. You can say that your baby will throw a fit or start crying if touched without her liking. It’s okay, your baby won’t remember any of this anyway.

2. Polite yet firm

There’s nothing as effective as speaking up. Tell the people bothering your baby - “Don’t touch my baby. Please”. Say it with a smile and you can even offer them an explanation that you’re worried about the germs. They might look at you weird but this will at least stop them from touching your baby, which is your ultimate goal.

3. Walk or even run away

When you see someone approaching you with their eyes solely concentrated on the baby, then just walk away in a different direction. If you’re someone who avoids confrontation or is too polite to speak up about the issue, there isn’t a better choice for you.

4. Cover up your baby

If you are taking your baby out in a stroller, then pull the canopy down when you see the target approaching. Out of sight, out of mind and definitely out of hand, right? This feature is also available in baby carriers.

5. A sign should do it

If nothing else works, nothing says keeping your hands off like a signboard. This might seem a little extreme but when you think about how sick your baby could get, it’s a small price to pay.

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