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Is It Normal To Masturbate After Marriage?

Nobody understands your needs as well as you do. Masturbation is an indispensable need of your life, immaterial of whether you are married or not. The art of fulfilling your own desires and fantasies aren’t subject to change in accordance to your marital status. It is absolutely okay to carry on with your process of self satisfaction, uninhibited.

Masturbation after marriage

The two words, marriage and masturbation, go hand in hand though they are apparently an oxymoron. The general belief is that nobody needs to satisfy oneself sexually when one has a partner, sharing the bed, to do the honors. This hollow belief can be countered by several proofs which shall establish the necessity to continue masturbation even after marriage.

The following points will steer you clear of any such inhibition:

1. Improved sex life

A person who masturbates regularly is considered to be more independent, as his or her sexual desires are not wholly dependent on their partners. Being in continuous touch with your body and having desires met, enhances your hormone secretion thereby leaving you craving for more sexual activities. The common problem in married couples is, their dwindling sexual encounters either due to lack of desire or building stress. Masturbation helps as a stress buster and in building desire as well as getting more active in your sex life.

2. Knowing about your body

Masturbation allows you to get well-acquainted with your body. Most times, an individual is unaware of what he or she wants in bed. Experimenting with your own self might give you a vivid insight to your desires. If you are aware of what needs to be done to make you feel good, only then will your partner know. It also helps in building up confidence, which plays an important role in the act of copulation.

3. Masturbation guarantees fidelity

One of the main reasons why individuals try to abstain from masturbation after marriage, is the fear of being termed as an infidel. In social magazines, the most common query to column advisors is, whether masturbation counts as cheating or not. It definitely doesn’t.  Your masturbation sessions and your love sessions with your partner are to be taken as complementary. Your masturbating endeavors are not diminishing your desire for your partner but increasing your wants and fantasies. The idea of harboring guilt over your secret self pleasuring moments is something to be talked about with your partner. Clear the air between the both of you and you might be surprised to know about the other one harboring the same thought process too.

4. Masturbation is healthy

The entire process of self pleasuring is as healthy as having sexual intercourse. Not only will you and your partner have a sexually healthy life but an overall healthy routine. It also keeps your mind at peace and uplifts your mood. Studies have proven that the more you masturbate, the more you crave for your partner. Masturbation often plays the role of a positive catalyst in a marriage.

5. Fear of conceiving

There is a tendency among married couples to go protection-less during the intercourse, owing to the fact that they are married now. But it often leads to conceiving at unwanted times, thereby hampering future prospects. Masturbation helps one to control his or her state of excitement. Since men have a lower libido, they can use masturbation to learn to control their orgasms and on the other hand, women, known to have higher libido, can reach climax easily.

The necessity of masturbation after marriage is thus proven. It has absolutely no negative impression on your conjugal life and makes you and your partner healthier and happier instead.

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