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Is it normal to fall asleep while you are breastfeeding?

One of the most beautiful experiences of motherhood is feeding your little one. We do understand the feeling of holding your baby in your arm close to you and nourishing them. But the same precious moment can be dangerous for your baby.

Shocked? Yes. It is unsafe for your baby if you fall asleep while you are breastfeeding. The tiring labor, taking care of your little one will definitely reduce your sleeping hours and you might fall asleep while breastfeeding, without even realizing it.

Here, we will tell you the risks associated with sleeping while breastfeeding and a few suggestions to overcome it.

Reasons for falling asleep while breastfeeding:

The following can be a few reasons, due to which, you might fall asleep.

1. As mentioned earlier, since you are a new mom, you will definitely be sleep deprived. While feeding your baby in a quiet environment, you will feel relaxed and fall asleep.

2. Your body releases a hormone called oxytocin. It is also known as love hormone and it relaxes your mind. Your body also releases a hormone called prolactin, which is known as a soothing hormone. Both these hormones have a soothing effect, you will feel relaxed and drowsy.

3. Pregnancy and labor will definitely take a toll on your body and your body will definitely need some rest to get back to normal. You will be worn out and a calm environment will make you fall asleep.

Risks associated with sleeping while breastfeeding your baby:

It's normal for the babies to fall asleep while breastfeeding. But the same might become unsafe for the baby if, the mother falls asleep while breastfeeding.

The following are the risks associated with sleeping while breastfeeding your baby.

1. In case, you fall asleep while breastfeeding your baby on a couch, your baby might slip between the cushions and might be suffocated.

2. The same problem will arise when you fall asleep while breastfeeding your baby on the bed, where you might smother then baby.

3. If you fall asleep while breastfeeding your baby on a chair, you might lose the grip and the baby might fall out of your arms.

The ideal solutions to overcome this problem:
1. Set an alarm:

If you feel that you are tired and might fall asleep, set an alarm while breastfeeding. It will wake you up, even if you fall asleep, without realizing it. But make sure that you keep the volume at low so, that your baby will not wake up to the alarm sound. 

2. Take a nap:

If you are exhausted, take the help of your partner or your family members and take a nap. Request them to wake you up, after a few hours. You can also ask them to check on you while your breastfeeding.

3. Stay away from hot foods

Make sure that there are no hot beverages or food items near you while breastfeeding the baby. It can be dangerous for your baby if you fall asleep.

4. Make safety arrangements:

While your breastfeeding your baby, make safety arrangements, such as providing pillows or cushions around the couch. In such cases, even if you fall asleep, your baby will not get hurt.

Falling asleep is not your mistake mommies. So even if that has happened in the past, there is nothing to feel guilty about. Try the above methods and we are sure that your going to be the best mother in the world.  

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