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There is no denying the fact that a bra acts as a support for the breasts, enhancing the overall appearance. However, to put up with it all day long can be quite annoying and suffocating. No wonder, once within the comfort of their home, most women try and avoid wearing a bra. Talking about a bra, most health experts advise women to take off their bra before retiring to bed. Sleeping with the bra on can trigger health problems severe enough to seek medical attention. Mentioned below are some of the reasons which make it essential to enjoy a good night's sleep sans the bra.

Restricts the circulation of blood

Wearing a bra (especially the underwire ones) can interfere with the free and healthy circulation and blood flow, which in turn, may damage and can pain and discomfort to the breast tissues as well as the nerves of the arms (a tight bra worn for a long time is found to suppress and constrict the pectoral muscles). Research also suggests females who avoid taking off their bra before sleeping are more susceptible to shoulder and neck pain.

Fungal infections and hyperpigmentation

The tight, wired or padded bras are also known to cause profuse sweating and skin irritation, both of which plays a catalytic role in creating an environment that serves as a perfect thriving ground for the fungal growth giving rise to fungal infections in the breast. Wearing a bra to bed can also trigger breast soreness, redness, skin rashes and even skin discoloration (hyperpigmentation) that may affect the breast beyond imagination. A tight bra also interferes with a sound sleep, often resulting in frequent sleep disruptions.

Increases the incidence of Cancer

Many health experts and scientific studies suggest that women with a bra on all the time, including while sleeping, stand a higher chance of suffering from cancer, especially breast cancer (there may be an increased production of the hormone prolactin along with a rise in the temperature of the breasts). In addition to a restricted blood circulation, wearing a tight or wired bra to sleep also interferes with the functioning of the lymph gland due to which there is an increased retention of fluids (which are supposed to be drained out) in the breasts. The higher the fluid and toxin retention the more will be the inflammation which may also trigger liver or kidneys problems in the future. There may also be increased incidence of cyst or lump formation (often benign) in the breast, piling on the agony and the discomfort.

Saggy breasts

Not known to many but wearing an ill-fitted or tight bra throughout the day can make the breasts saggy due to underdeveloped ligaments of the breast brought about by the compression of the breast tissues.

Women who still wish to wear a bra to bed should ensure that the bra is comfortable (refrain from wearing a padded or wired bra especially at night), well-fitted (avoid wearing very tight or loose bra) and is of 100% pure cotton material.

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