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Is Aloe Vera Juice Safe During Your Pregnancy?

Motherhood is a much anticipated moment in the life of any woman. During pregnancy, the need for a proper, balanced diet increases tenfold, and a lot of new elements are added to the diet to benefit the mother and the child. But, it should be remembered that all healthy food items are not fit to be eaten during pregnancy. In fact, some of these nutrient-rich food products may actually cause more harm than good. A premium example can be found in the aloe vera plant. Drinking aloe vera juice during pregnancy is something that needs precaution and expert advice.

Table of content

‣ A little about aloe vera

‣ Some of the benefits of drinking aloe vera juice

‣ Aloe vera side effects - does it have any?

‣ Uses of aloe vera juice during pregnancy

‣ Should women drink aloe vera juice during pregnancy?

A little about aloe vera

For thousands of years, people have extracted the gel from the aloe vera plant for various medicinal purposes. The aloe vera gel is also used in a variety of skincare and beauty products. In short, this succulent plant with thick, fleshy leaves is extremely popular because of its nutrient and fibre content.

Aloe vera juice is a popular household cure for problems of the stomach and gut. The juice is prepared by scooping out the inner gel from the leaves and blending until it turns smooth. Aloe vera juice is also a natural cure for women suffering from menstrual problems, because of its ability to create a hormonal balance in the body.

Some of the benefits of drinking aloe vera juice

Under normal health circumstances, drinking the pure, colourless, and low anthraquinone aloe vera juice has many positive effects on the body. Some of the many aloe vera juice benefits are listed below:

1. Raises the alkaline content of the body

Aloe vera juice helps maintain the body's pH balance by combating high acidic concentrations with its alkaline matter.

2. Hydration

Aloe vera itself is a watery plant, so drinking aloe vera juice on a regular basis especially during summer will protect your body from dehydration. Once your body is hydrated, it is able to flush out all the accumulated toxins and impurities. The aloe vera juice is also filled with nutrients that help the body's organs perform to the best of their ability.

3. Helps the liver

The liver is crucial to the body's detoxification process, and aloe vera juice helps to keep the liver healthy and running. The rich phytonutrients present in aloe vera benefits the liver, and in general, the body.

4. Helps fight constipation

Aloe vera also has a heavy fibre content, which is why aloe vera juice is a very potent drug against constipation. Aloe vera benefits the bacteria present in the gut as well, helping the digestion process to run smoothly.

5. Clears skin

Aloe vera gel is a very potent ingredient in skincare regimes. Its rich vitamin content helps to protect the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It also prevents and delays the formation of lines and wrinkles on the skin.

6. Prevents heartburn

One of the most common aloe vera juice benefits is its ability to relieve the ill-effects of heartburn. The alkaline contents of aloe vera gel control the secretion of acids in the stomach. They can even combat gastric ulcers, preventing them from growing bigger.

7. Digestive benefits

The many enzymes contained in aloe vera gel contribute to the breakdown of sugars and fats in the body to benefit the digestive process. This enables your body to absorb all the nutrients effectively, and thus maintains your overall health and immunity.

These uses of aloe vera juice make it an active component of many medicinal and skincare products. Also, the many home remedies that use aloe vera show that the uses of aloe vera juice do not stop there at all. Aloe vera gel is used in face masks, hair masks for beautiful hair and skin, in teas and other drinks to promote metabolism of the body, and added to several dishes to enhance their nutritional value. However, it is not all positive, as there are also many aloe vera side effects.

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Aloe vera side effects - does it have any?

Although it is considered that aloe vera side effects do not exist, the reality is the exact opposite. There can be many side effects to colourized, impure aloe vera juice, including problems like:

‣ Diarrhoea

‣ Cramping

‣ Colon adenomas

‣ Colon cancer

Here are some other aloe vera side effects:

‣ Some people develop allergies to aloe vera gel, which causes redness, itchiness, inflammation and a burning sensation on the skin.

‣ A very harmful aloe vera juice side effect is its tendency to lower the blood sugar levels when consumed in large amounts. That is why diabetic people should keep away from aloe vera gel and juice.

‣ Another aloe vera juice side effect is that it lowers the potassium content of the body, thus causing irregular heartbeat, weakness, and fatigue.

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Uses of aloe vera juice during pregnancy

As mentioned above, there are plenty of uses of aloe vera juice. Aloe vera can also meet the many nutritional demands of pregnancy, and there are many uses of aloe vera juice during pregnancy:

‣ Aloe vera juice is rich in vitamins and minerals, which is why it can be taken as a supplement during pregnancy.

‣ Another use of aloe vera juice during pregnancy is that it acts as a soothing agent for the linings of the stomach and helps with morning sickness.

‣ Aloe vera juice during pregnancy helps dilate the blood capillaries and improves blood circulation.

‣ Aloe vera juice benefits the inflamed tissues of the gastrointestinal tract and provides for an easy bowel movement.

Should women drink aloe vera juice during pregnancy?

Despite the numerous aloe vera benefits, doctors ask women to exercise their discretion before consuming aloe vera juice during pregnancy. Certain compounds present in the aloe vera gel can pose a threat to the well-being of the mother and child if not taken with proper discretion.

Aloe vera gel can cause premature uterine contractions, which might prove to be harmful during pregnancy. The aloe vera juice side effects include a lowering of the blood sugar levels also, that may create some complications during the gestation period.

Besides, breastfeeding mothers are also advised against ingesting aloe vera gel because of the latex content of the plant. The latex that is present in aloe vera gel can pass through the breast milk into the infant's immature digestive system and lead to health complications.

So, to conclude, we can say that although the uses of aloe vera juice are many in number, pregnant women should be extra careful while consuming it. Under no circumstances should you overdose on it during pregnancy. Therefore, the best move is to first talk to your doctor and then decide whether aloe vera is beneficial for you too.

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