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Instant Noodles During Pregnancy: Safe Or Not Safe

During pregnancy, it is common to have a craving for salty and spicy foods. Pregnant women get tired and hungry easily and this is why they sometimes resort to eating instant foods like instant noodles or soups. Yes, they do want to eat healthily, but sometimes eating tasty food is just something that needs to be done in order to stay sane.

As with anything related to pregnancy, a question pops into your head - is it safe to eat instant noodles during pregnancy? Instant noodles are not good for you even while you are not pregnant so it definitely can’t be good for your little one either. Your diet and lifestyle affect your baby who is growing inside you. So you have to be careful about what you eat.

Eating instant noodles in moderation will not do any harm. It only becomes harmful if you start eating it on a regular basis. Here are few reasons why you should avoid instant noodles:


Although it more than satisfies your taste buds and keeps your hunger pangs at bay, instant noodles lack the nutrients that your body (and baby) needs. Every meal counts and every meal that doesn’t contain vitamins, minerals and protein means that your baby is missing out on nutrients too!

Quick Tip - Add some veggies and a boiled egg to the noodles to make it healthier.


Instant noodles contain a high amount of sodium which is not good for pregnant mothers. This can worsen the pregnancy symptoms to a considerable extent.

Quick Tip - While adding the taste mix, try not to add the entire packet - maybe just half. You could even try making your own kind of taste mix with the right amount of salt and spices.


Most of the popular instant noodles contain a high amount of maida in it. It is not easily digestible and adds nothing to the nutrition value. Opt for noodles that are not made out of refined flours.


MSG - Monosodium Glutamate - is added to increase the shelf life of the noodles as well as to enhance the taste of the noodles. Large amounts of MSG can be harmful during pregnancy which is why you should limit the number of instant noodles (and any food that contains MSG) that you consume.

Following the quick tips will help you make the noodles just a little healthy. Even with those changes, you should only indulge in the snack occasionally.

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