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Infertility Problems: The Culprit Might Be Hiding In Your Home

Having a baby is not going to be as easy as they depict it in movies or TV shows. In reality, it may take weeks, months or even years for a couple to finally have a baby. Getting pregnant depends on the fertility of the parents as well as the ability of the mother to be able to carry a baby. Doctors are not always able to find the cause of infertility. Experts believe that this infertility could be caused due to environmental factors - the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, etc.

There are various everyday products that can actually be harmful to those trying to conceive. There is scientific evidence to prove that certain products are bad for health. You may not even realise the kind of harm being done by these products because you have gotten so used to these products. Many people still ask - “Why would something I’ve been using for so long cause any harm?” Looking back, living in denial is exactly what had led so many people to believe that the Earth is flat all those years ago.

Here are a few things in our everyday life that can actually cause infertility problems:

1. Regular drinking water

Believe it or not, the water we drink may not be safe for consumption. The main problem is that we usually store our water inside plastic bottles which contain BPA. BPA is known to lower the sperm count or reduce the quality of the sperm. It may also make the eggs less viable. So you are better off boiling your water and storing it in either glass bottles or steel containers/flasks.

2. Personal care products

The switch to natural products should really start from our personal care products. This includes toothpaste, shampoos, lotions and perfumes. All of these products eventually find a way back to affect our internal body functions. This is because we either inhale the perfume from products like shampoos, lotions and perfume bottles. The fragrance used in these products contain phthalates which are harmful to our reproductive health. Toothpaste can also be harmful when not rinsed properly. To be safe, always opt for natural products when it comes to your personal care products.

3. Non-stick pans

Almost every household has a non-stick pan the reason being that it is super easy to clean and convenient to use. But the chemicals that are used to make the pan a non-stick pan can actually affect your baby-making abilities. Studies have shown that the chemicals used can reduce the sperm count to half the healthy level. Also, it can take longer for women to get pregnant if they use these pans on a regular basis.

4. Laptop on your lap

This point is especially for men. By keeping your laptop on your lap, it unnecessarily raises the heat from the laptop can raise the temperature of the scrotum by 2 degrees. The main function of the scrotum is to keep the sperm cool and protected from the body temperature. This can cause a temporary reduction in sperm count. So avoid doing this.

5. Cleaning products

Most cleaning products contain strong chemicals like triclosan. This was actually designed for the hospital where it is necessary to prevent the spread of infections. Triclosan has been found to severely affect the reproductive system of fishes. The issue here is that fishes don’t really have an option - due to environmental pollution, they are actually swimming and living in triclosan. We humans, on the other hand, can choose to not use products that contain triclosan. This will also ensure that our water isn’t contaminated with triclosan thus, saving the marine life.

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