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Indoor Air Pollution: Are You Cooking Up A Storm In Your House?

All we ever want for our family is for them to be happy and healthy. This is why we prepare home cooked meals for our loved ones. The meals are served hot and made from only the best and freshest ingredients to ensure that they are wholesome and nutritious.

What we don’t realize is that cooking can release a lot of fumes that add to the indoor air pollution. Cooking also releases a number of by-products like carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide which cannot be cleared up by chimneys and exhausts alone. We need to use air purifiers to clear up these toxins as well as the residual fumes from cooking.

There are several other factors that add to the indoor air pollution. Dust tends to collect in our homes, on the floor and on our furniture. Pet dander and mould particulates are other things that add to the indoor air pollution. We need to clean our homes on a daily basis to keep a tab on the quality of the air inside our homes as it is harmful to our health.

Effects of indoor air pollution:

Exposure to these fumes and gases is harmful to our health. Excess amounts of carbon monoxide can be fatal. In fact, when it is present at 3200 ppm, it can cause death in just 10 minutes. Lower amounts of carbon monoxide can cause severe headaches and nausea, with the effects only worsening over time.

There are many other health risks that arise due to household air pollution. In fact, according to WHO, 4.3 million people around the world die every year due to an illness that is linked to indoor air pollution caused by the inefficient use of fuels while cooking. Out of these deaths, 12% are due to pneumonia (more than half are children less than 5 years of age), 34% from stroke, 26% from ischaemic heart disease, 22% from COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), and 6% due to lung cancer.

The solution for indoor air pollution:

There are so many things we can do in order to reduce the indoor air pollution at home. Keeping our house clean and dust-free to the best of our capabilities is one step. Avoiding the use of too many perfumes and air fresheners is another step - they release chemicals that are harmful to our lungs. Smoking in and around your house is an obvious no-no. As for the kitchen, we need to ensure that we use only cleaner fuels for cooking.

Installation of range hoods or chimneys is a must to get rid of the fumes, grease and odours. Exhaust fans are also a must as they allow some room for ventilation in the kitchen. Another important thing to add is an air purifier. This will help remove all the toxins from the air and any remnants like fumes or odours. It also helps remove dust, pet dander, mould particulates and instantly freshens up the air thus serving as the perfect solution for indoor air pollution. In fact, you will find that the air in your home is more breathable and healthy after installing an air purifier.

We recommend Dr. Aeroguard air purifier as it contains HEPA filters, deodorizing filters, anti-dust filters as well as anti-allergen filters. It also contains a therapeutic filter that releases Vitamin C in the air. It also releases negative ions, silver ions, diatoms and vitamins which make the air not just pure, but healthy too. You can check out their entire range of air purifiers here. For a free demo of the air purifier in the comfort of your home, sign up here.

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