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Importance Of Reading The Ingredients On Any Product You Buy

There’s a huge difference between being healthy and thinking that you’re healthy. When you’re shopping at a supermarket, you often just check the brand name and blindly put the lot in your basket. Well, it’s not your fault that the product’s advertising is just too awesome for you to even take a look at the labels.

As a consumer, it is your duty to check the kind of ingredients and other raw materials that are being used in every product you buy. With everything popular like 12-hour action toothpaste, cereals which claim to have whole-grains and yoghurts which claim to have fresh fruits to nurture you and boost your immunity, making a choice can be very confusing. In fact, when you go to a supermarket, check out the items kept on the topmost shelves. They may not even be pricey but sure have the authentic composition. The marketers try to put the popular brands on shelves of your eye levels so that you don’t choose other brands and just stick to the popular choices.

Luckily, you don’t have to be a specialist to read in between the lines to know what is good for you and what’s not. For example, the next time you buy toothpaste, look for a coloured strip at the bottom near the crimp. The colour of the strip will help you decipher if the toothpaste is exactly what it claims to be. So if it is a Green strip- it is all natural, Blue strip- natural + medicine, Red strip- Natural + Chemical and Black strip- Purely chemical. Just because the box says it is all natural, don’t blindly invest in it because of its popularity.

Why should I always read the labels?

There are multiple reasons for you to read a label because they do more than just telling you the offers, discounts and free goodies. Knowing what you consume is a smart move. Reading the label will help you determine how healthy or unhealthy a product is. It’s so weird that products having a longer list of ingredients are usually the worst for use. This is because of the long names of the chemical compounds they contain.

The list contains ingredients which are arranged in an ascending order of their amount infused in the products. So, it is always good to keep tabs on ingredients especially if you’re allergic to an ingredient. You never know what’s in your shaving cream or your shampoo or even in your floor cleaners.

Are there any health risks?

If you’ve been reading the labels carefully, you must have come across a million types of ingredients. Be it earthly substances, chemicals or a blend of both, anybody could be allergic to them. For example, if you’re allergic to parabens and you buy a face wash without reading the label. Soon you’ll see an allergic reaction on your face in the form of pimples and acne. Later when you suddenly realize that your face wash contains parabens, you would feel horrible, won’t you?

Now, imagine what if you would have consumed any food products which have potential allergy ingredients like nuts, milk and soy! Think of what these allergens can do to your body if you consume them without reading the ingredients. Moreover, labels also help in highlighting the expiry date of a product to help you avoid consuming them.

Always be an informed consumer because it is your right to read the labels and ingredients. By doing so, you’re going to become a smart consumer who knows what’s good and bad. Keeping in mind about your baby’s health, Tinystep has come up with a Natural Floor Cleaner which is free of all toxins and chemicals. We know that your little one needs to be safe and away from any kinds of pollutants, hence we formulated the Floor cleaner in such a way that it is baby friendly and safe for your furry friends. It functions exactly like a regular floor cleaner, just 10 times better because it doesn’t leave any residual marks.

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