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Importance of Personal Hygiene For Pregnant Women

Personal hygiene is of paramount importance for a pregnant woman. The importance of this cannot be stressed upon enough. While the body does not feel like one’s own, rising progesterone and estrogen level adds to one’s woes. A rising growth of bacteria levels results in an increased body odour. Good hygiene goes a long way in ensuring that infections can be negated, the health of the baby is retained, and the would-be-mom feels fresh.

Oral hygiene: 

Odor-causing bacteria tend to become hyperactive during pregnancy. Cleaning the teeth after every meal is the need of the hour during this period. Dentists often recommend cleaning the tongue as well. Using an antimicrobial mouthwash can be of great help to ensure that bad breath doesn’t embarrass a pregnant woman.

Vaginal odour: 

There are chances of vaginal odour during the pregnancy stint. Hormonal changes increased blood flow to the genital region, and increased discharge can initiate the vaginal odour. As part of the normal hormonal change, there can be an acidic smell along with white discharge from the vagina. If this becomes difficult to deal with, the vaginal area can be washed twice daily and pat dry. Wearing cotton panties also helps the smell to escape. In case the vaginal discharge smells rancid or fishy, a healthcare provider should be immediately consulted.

Smelly feet: 

Smelly feet is a result of increased water retention and weight gain because of pregnancy. This results in sweaty feet and snug shoes. It makes sense to change shoes every alternate day and wear fresh socks daily. Soaking feet in lukewarm water mixed with tea bags can pay rich dividends in curbing this issue. Additionally, consuming at least 10 glasses of water daily helps to ensure that bacterial growth in the feet doesn’t crop up.

Underarm funk: 

Because of the hormonal changes in the body, the level of bacteria in the skin take a spike as well. This results in the underarm funk. To tackle this, bathing at least twice a day, avoiding tight clothes and wearing cotton outfit can greatly help. Additionally, choosing an antiperspirant deodorant can help to mask odour as well as inhibit sweat.

Tooth care: 

The tooth is the most neglected part of the body when it comes to pregnancy hygiene. Brushing the tooth twice a day and flossing every alternate day can help to ensure no build-up of plaque. The growing level of estrogen in the body can make the gums more sensitive. To counter this, the gums should be massaged with an anti-inflammatory agent to neutralize its sensitivity.

Personal belonging: 

Few other hygiene practice that should be always maintained includes cleaning the body every time after using the washroom, rigorously washing the hands every time before the meal, using a sanitizer after wearing shoes, using a soap that is well within the recommended pH criteria etc.

Hair care: 

At times it becomes difficult to take care of the hair like normal times. Pregnancy fatigue is the main culprit behind this. Without proper hair care, there are chances of a sudden influx of dandruff leading to itching of the skull. The ideal way to deal with this is to ensure shampooing of hair at least twice in a week. Applying a gentle hair oil on the skull and using a scarf while going out can also produce fruitful results. 

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