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Learn More About The Ingredients In Your Baby Products

choose gentle baby care

Babies are delicate and need constant care and attention. So, when it comes to caring for our little ones, we choose only the best. One of the most delicate things about a baby is their skin, which is softer, thinner and more sensitive than our own. Parents need to be careful about the kind of skincare products they use for their baby.

There are a lot of baby care products available today, and the major distinguishing factor is the kind of ingredients used in them. Most parents only read the front label of a product but rarely read the ingredients list at the back. We strongly advise and encourage all parents to start turning their baby products and read what goes into them.

When you turn the product, here are a few things to look out for:

1. Clinically Tested vs Clinically Proven

Many products claim to be “clinically tested”, but this does not imply that the product was actually proven safe. If a product is marked clinically proven, only then does it imply that the product was proven safe after several clinical trials. So, always look for a product marked “clinically proven”. All Johnson’s Baby products carry the stamp of Clinically Proven Mildness, having passed 4 stringent tests.

2. Is It Safe To Use Scented Baby Products?

choose gentle baby care

Right kind of fragrances can improve the interactions between a mother and her baby, and also helps improve the mood of the baby. This is why it is added in most baby products. Most products list fragrance as one of the ingredients used. Since the law does not require brands to mention the exact constituents of fragrance, it is possible that it may contain allergens, which can cause allergy to your baby. So, make sure that the fragrance used meets the safety standards set by IFRA (International Fragrance Association). According to IFRA, even natural fragrances may contain harmful allergens and need to be tested. Johnson’s Baby products meets highest IFRA standards and are hence, safe for your baby.

3. Are Preservatives Bad?

Since most baby products are kept at warm and wet places, like inside the bathrooms, it is easy for bacterial growth to happen. Preservatives are meant to protect the product by preventing bacterial growth, thereby keeping your baby safe. Few preservatives are thought to have harmful effect and this has led parents to look for products free from preservatives. But it is not possible to have any product that is free from preservatives as they protect the product from going bad. Johnson’s baby products contain only preservatives that have been proven safe for the baby. They have no formaldehyde or formaldehyde releasing ingredients as their preservative.

4. Fewer Ingredients = Safer?

It is important to have only the most essential ingredients in your baby care products. Though some baby care products do not mention their complete ingredient list on the back of the pack, Johnson’s baby mention 100% of their ingredients on the back of the product because they have nothing to hide. You would be surprised to see how short the ingredients list is. This is because it contains only safe and essential ingredients.

5. The Actual Ingredients

choose gentle baby care

Just because an ingredient seems hard to pronounce does not necessarily mean that it is harmful. Instead, it is better to read up about the actual role of each ingredient used and whether all the right ingredients are present. Johnson’s baby products contain ingredients that have been proven mild and safe after 12 months of testing with over 5.5 lakh parents globally. Some of the ingredients are hard to pronounce, but they are essential for the product and definitely safe.

Keeping the above points in mind, we urge you to start reading the back of baby products and make an informed choice. Johnson’s baby products are proven to be pure, mild and gentle. They are free from all harmful chemicals such as parabens, formaldehyde, phthalates, dyes, asbestos and sulphates.

They even have a 5-step safety assurance process in place:

1) Raw Materials Source - choosing the right sources for the ingredients

2) Toxicology Assessment - testing each ingredient on safety

3) Clinical Evaluation - testing the product formulations

4) In Use Testing - monitoring real-life use in labs and at home

5) Continual Evaluation - based on feedback from consumers

No wonder that Johnson’s is the No. 1 Baby Care Brand in India, trusted by millions of moms around the world for more than 125 years, and with most doctors using it for their own babies.

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