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Immediate Health Effects Of Strong Chemicals In Your Household

Chemicals are present in just about everything in your house. Unknownst to you, you are constantly subjected to chemical exposure. Soaps, scents, detergents, bleaching agents, polishes, bathroom cleaners, floor cleaners - You name it and it is sure to have chemicals unless specified otherwise.

A few factors that determine whether you are affected by these chemicals are:

- The type of chemical.

- The amount of chemical you were in contact with.

- The amount of time the contact lasted.

- The frequency of chemical exposure.

- The way these chemicals entered your body (inhaling, eating, drinking or absorbed through the skin).

- Your health conditions.

A few common chemicals you can expect in everyday products are ammonia, chloride, phthalates, phosphates and 2-Butoxyethanol. The health effects due to exposure to these chemicals can either be immediate or long-term.

For example, chlorine bleach and ammonia are ingredients with high acute toxicity. The fumes produced by them are highly irritating to the eyes, nose, throat and lungs. People suffering from asthma or other lung problems should refrain from using them. Certain corrosive chemicals can cause severe burns on the eyes, skin, throat and oesophagus. Chemicals like these pose an added threat when combined with others because they react to form harmful and even poisonous gases in some cases.

Ironically, the sweet fragrance you get from cleaners that makes you think they’re not brimming with chemicals is also a result of a chemical called phthalate. Acute effects due to phthalates include but are not limited to respiratory irritation, headache, constant sneezing and watery eyes. You might not see the chemicals that are used to build up the fragrance listed on the product’s label because it is not required to do so by the law as the fragrance formula is considered a trade secret.

Immediate health effects like skin allergies could either go away once the exposure stops or they could be permanent like loss of vision and damage to the skin cells. It is important to know that if you don’t see any difference immediately after using a product, it doesn’t mean that you’re not affected at all. When you come in contact with chemicals on a daily basis, the health effects may take some time to develop and will out of the blue translate into lung problems, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer.

You’ll be surprised to know that among the most toxic substances present in your house, cleaners are one. These can be glass cleaners, bathroom cleaners, disinfectants, floor cleaners or multipurpose cleaners. In fact, almost 10% of the reported toxic exposures in the US were due to cleaning products.

In order to protect your family from all these harmful chemicals and their ill-effects, Tinystep has launched it’s very own natural floor cleaner. It is free of all the chemicals mentioned above and is made with natural ingredients like neem, baking soda and lime. It effectively cleans your floor of all the dust and germs without the use of harmful chemicals. Click here and become one of the first few who gets to try out this amazing product.

What Should You Do?

Here’s what you can do to limit your exposure to chemicals found in everyday products:

- Always make sure to read the label carefully before buying a product. Pay special attention to warning signs if any.

- Follow the instructions as mentioned on the label and store the product as specified too.

- Make sure the room is properly ventilated before using any cleaning or bleaching product. Keep the doors and windows open and use a fan if possible to blow the air out and let fresh air in.

- Avoid using products with chemicals in them. It is always better to choose products that are labelled natural or herbal. Tinystep floor cleaner, for example, is a natural floor cleaner that is free such harmful chemicals and is made out of all-natural ingredients. Soon, we’ll be coming out with an entire range of natural products that are sure to make your household safer for you and your family.  

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