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Ice Cream During Pregnancy: Is It Safe For Your Baby?

Ice Cream During Pregnancy

Characterized by Food Cravings, mood swings, physical and emotional changes; pregnancy comes with its own highs and lows. At one point where a mom-to-be feels overjoyed and excited might feel fearful and scared of the unknown at the very next point. Whatever may be the situation one thing that remains inherent across all expecting mothers is the optimal care of the ”baby inside” and the first step to ensure this comes in the form of Eating Right! Amidst so many do’s and don’ts; have and have-nots where do we place ice-cream. Read this article and find out; is it safe to eat ice cream during pregnancy? 

Table of Content:

‣ Ice Cream: A Brief

‣ Is It Safe To Eat Ice Cream During Pregnancy?

‣ Ice Cream Parlour Vs Homemade Ice Cream

‣ Ice Cream Recipe - How To Make Ice Cream At Home?

‣ About Ice Cream Cake

‣ Frozen Yoghurts Or Ice Creams During Pregnancy - Which One Is Safe?

‣ Chocolate Ice Cream - What Is So Special About This Flavour?

‣ Eating Ice Cream During Pregnancy - Potential Risks?

‣ Conclusion

Ice Cream: A Brief

Ice Cream

This sweet frozen creamy delight is majorly made by mixing milk, sugar, cream, flavours and some other ingredients to bring variety. Ice- creams were in demand much before the invention of the freezer. This dessert has strong old age history of being popular with ancient Chinese and Arabs where they enjoyed it as whipped frozen cream or cream mixed with fruit, honey in the snow.

The popularity of Ice-cream has grown by leaps and bounds. There are countless flavours in which it is made from something conventional like strawberry and chocolate ice cream to exotic fruits like mango to something unconventional like coffee. There are variations of the ice cream as well which are popular in the market such as frozen yoghurt, ice-cream cake, a non-dairy version made with coconut milk, frozen custard or the gelato ( Italian Style ice cream which is denser, smoother and more elastic)

Is It Safe To Eat Ice Cream During Pregnancy?

Ice Cream During Pregnancy

Yes, it is safe to eat ice cream during pregnancy. However, it should be consumed in moderation. Ice creams are more of an indulgence food and they do not have any great nutritional profile except its calcium constituent which comes from the milk part of it.

When it comes to the right amount of eating ice cream during pregnancy; it is not advised to over indulge into it owing to its risk profile which is discussed in the later part of the article. Occasional eating of ice cream is quite safe in pregnancy. In case, where previous allergies with milk are reported and in case of throat and sinusitis issues, it advisable to seek professional consultation before eating it.

Ice Cream Parlour Vs Homemade Ice Cream

Ice cream parlour, homemade ice cream during pregnancy

The soft ice creams (the ones available at the superstores and ice cream parlour) are considered to be safe ice cream for eating during pregnancy. They are made with pasteurised milk and egg and they are also processed, so they eliminate the risk of infection and food poisoning caused with salmonella. But, the whippy ice cream which is sold on vans and kiosks and they come from the whippy machines may contain bacteria, hence it is recommended not to eat this variety of ice cream when pregnant.

Homemade ice cream recipes which do not use raw egg or the ones that can use egg substitute or the eggless ones are considered to be safe to eat during pregnancy.

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Ice Cream Recipe - How To Make Ice Cream At Home?

It's a well-accepted fact that homemade food is the best when it comes to their safety profile which becomes all the more true in case of gestation. Craving for a yummy ice cream during pregnancy? No problem - use this easy, homemade ice cream recipe and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Since using raw egg poses the risk of salmonella infection, let us have a look at eggless ice cream recipe:

Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe - Super Easy Super Tasty

Vanilla Ice Cream During Pregnancy


‣ Full Fat Milk: 1 cup

‣ Custard Powder: 2 teaspoons

‣ Sugar: 1 cup

‣ Fresh Cream: 1 ½ cup

‣ Pure Vanilla Extract: 2 teaspoon

The above ingredient should be sufficient for 5 people.

Preparation Method:

‣ Mix Sugar, vanilla essence, milk and custard powder

‣ Cook them on medium flame till custard thickens and gets a nice consistency, it should not get too thick

‣ Allow the mixture to cool

‣ Whip the cream and pour it to the custard mixture and mix them gently and evenly

‣ Put it for freezing overnight or 8 to 16 hours

‣ Serve it fresh and cold

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About Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream During Pregnancy

Ice Cream cake is nothing, but a layered combination of cake and ice cream. A popular version of this cake exists in the form of three layers where one layer of ice cream in squeezed between two layers of sponge cake. Once the assembly of cake and ice cream is done, the entire cake is kept for freezing and is taken out just before serving.

Frozen Yoghurts Or Ice Creams During Pregnancy - Which One Is Safer?

As the name suggests, the main ingredient for frozen yogurts comes in the form of yogurt and the other ingredients except cream are quite similar to the ones that are used in making ice-creams including milk fats, corn syrup, flavours etc.

When it comes to choosing during gestation; one might find inclined to frozen yogurt considering its healthy digestive profile because of probiotics in yogurts. However, the sad truth is that once yogurts are frozen the bacteria strains die off hence, freezing it devoids them with a probiotic edge over ice cream. Sugar, calorie and Fat content of yogurts are lesser when compared to ice creams; though the difference is not very high. Hence a mindful eating of any one of them is fine. Even in delicate situations like pregnancy, a mindful eating of any one of them is not a bad idea.

Chocolate Ice Cream - What Is So Special About This Flavour?

Chocolate Ice Cream During Pregnancy

The goodness of chocolate and satisfaction of ice cream makes chocolate ice cream as everyone's favourite. There are numerous flavours and versions of ice creams that are available in the market, still, chocolate ice creams remain the perennial favourite not only for kids but for adults and for elderly as well. So, for all soon-to-be moms here is an option to satisfy your pregnancy cravings of chocolate and ice cream together.

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Eating Ice Cream During Pregnancy - Potential Risks?

‣ The sugar content of ice creams are high which might lead to increased risk of gestational diabetes.

‣ Listeria infection which is a serious infection with damaging effect on pregnancy might be witnessed when ice creams are consumed from infected machines. Though it is an extremely rare occurrence, if contained can be serious.

‣ Since ice cream has high calories, over-consumption of ice cream during pregnancy might lead to excess weight gain which can cause difficulties during delivery.

‣ The immune system gets weaker during pregnancy so, overindulging should be avoided in order to keep respiratory issues at bay.

In addition to this, certain flavoured ice creams contain high amounts of caffeine. Consuming too much caffeine can cause birth defects. Hence, consuming too much of it can be bad for you during pregnancy.


Though a sweet treat of ice cream occasionally and in moderation is safe during pregnancy, it would be prudent not to overindulge into it; in order to avoid any potential risk and complications during pregnancy.

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