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Hymenal Caruncle: What You Need To Know

Hymenal caruncles are small tag-like elevations of the hymen after the hymen breaks. The hymen may break due to different reasons such as heavy physical exercise, injury, medical examination, masturbation or intercourse. The hymenal caruncle is the remainings of the ruptured hymen. After the hymen ruptures, it is possible that it will leave behind a few tags. These tags are pink in color and are seen in the form of a ring around the vaginal opening. They are usually seen at the lower end of the vagina. In medical terms, it is called as carunculae myrtiformes. Most people also confuse it for genital warts, but with the proper examination, it can be confirmed as hymenal caruncle.

They usually shrink over the years. Hymenal tags are rarely known to cause discomfort or pain during intercourse. When they do cause discomfort, it is advised to use lubricants. In some people, the tags cause too much of discomfort. In such situations, many women prefer to remove them by surgically.certified and experienced gynecologists.

However, there are many instances where women have reported to have issues even after surgically removing them. Many gynecologists perform the surgery without using any proper anesthesia. This makes the procedure very difficult and painful for the one undergoing it.

If the hymenal caruncle is really discomforting and is a reason for painful sex, it is advised to surgically remove them. Although, keep in mind to visit an experienced gynecologist only. Also, make sure that they use proper medication and sterilized equipment, so there is no chance of infections.

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